Experience masturbation sensations and stimulations that can only be electrifying as pleasure runs and overloads your most sensitive parts with ElectraStim! Masturbation or foreplay has never been this naughty, kinky and electric! If you haven't tried erotic electro stimulation (EES), then prepare yourself to savour stimulating sensations as Electrastim sex toys goes direct to stimulate your nerve endings on your skin or internally in many possible ways. Explore and enjoy naughty, arousing, kinky sensations guaranteed to keep your libido electrified with Electrastim sex toys you can buy from Australia's number one adult online sex toy shop for the kinky and naughty, ThatsNaughty Australia!

UK-based Cyrex, the makers of ElectraStim product line of erotic electro stimulation (EES) sex toys aims to bring unique sensual and sexual experiences to singles for unrivalled pleasure masturbations and for couples to discover new modes in giving and taking pleasure. Their expertise in neuromuscular stimulation makes them the leader in e-stim development, and their sex toys stimulators are tested and manufactured to the highest possible quality for your pleasure and enjoyment. Experience electrifying stimulations and sensations for intense orgasm with ElectraStim, made available and affordable for you by ThatsNaughty Australia online adult sex toy store!

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