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How to Properly Clean Your Fleshlight after usinig it

Properly cleaning, caring for, and maintaining your Fleshlight product is the best way to prolong the life of your toy, and also maintain the realistic feel of the simulation. The best part of the cleaning and care of your toy is that it is fast and easy. It takes about the same amount of time to clean and care for the product, as it does to prepare the sleeve for use. And by simply taking a few moments to properly care for you Fleshlight, the longer you will be able to enjoy the extremely pleasure sensations of your male sex toy.

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When preparing to use your Fleshlight STU, be sure to use water-based lubricant. Not using lubricant can cause an unpleasant sensation, and even prevent you from being able to thrust into the product. It is important to only use water-based lubricants for a few reasons. First, oil based lubricants and silicone based lubricants will cause damage to the Real Feel Superskin sleeve; use of these products will cause the sleeve to become sticky and unsightly, and cause the tensile strength of the sleeve's material will reduced. Water based lubricants will not damage the material of the realistic feeling sleeve, plus it provides the most realistic sensation to vaginal intercourse.

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After you have reached your climax due to the sensational realistic feeling of the masturbation sleeve, clean up it is time to clean your Fleshlight toy. Neglecting to do can result in the build-up of bacteria and mold in the inner canal, making the toy unusable. After each and every use be sure to remove the sleeve from the plastic case and run it under warm water. When running the sleeve under the warm water in the sink, be sure to allow warm water to flow through both sides of the canal. Next fill the canal with warm water, seal both ends closed with your hands, and shake the sleeve; this will properly removes all sperm and lubricant left inside of the canal.

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If you Fleshlight insert is textured, it is the important to turn the sleeve inside out, and use your fingertips under the warm water to clean out all of the crevices. When doing this it is important to clean the crevices quickly, leaving the sleeve turned inside out for more than 3-5 minutes can cause damage to the sleeve. Fleshlight insert cleaning

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After the insert has been cleaned, run the plastic case under the warm water, to rinse it thoroughly. Once the case has been rinsed thoroughly, remove the cap at the end of the case and clean it separately.

When cleaning your Fleshlight toy, it is important that you do NOT use normal soaps or cleansing gels. The oils in the cleaning products will damage the chemical structure of the Real Feel Superskin sleeve insert, causing it to become sticky and unsightly. For tougher cleaning that requires the use of a cleaning product isopropyl alcohol is recommended for use. You can also use perfume-free and oil-free soap substitutes. When it comes to cleaning the plastic case and cap, feel free to use soap. Since the case and cap are made of hard plastic, cleaning products, such as a regular soap, will not have a negative effect on it.

It is recommended after every couple uses that you disinfect the insert. You can use either isopropyl alcohol, or Fleshwash, to kill germs, bacteria, and mildew that could grow in the insert. The bacteria, germs, and mildew could be hazardous to your health, so it is important to remember to disinfect the Fleshlight sleeve every so often.

If you choose to use Fleshwash to disinfect the sleeve, you simply spray it onto the sleeve after you have finished cleaning it. Be sure to spray both the inside and outside of the Fleshlight sleeve insert. After about 5 minutes, the disinfectant dries, killing the bacteria and mildew. At this time it is critical that you remember to wash the disinfectant off, forgetting to so could result in skin irritation during the next of the insert.

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Once the Fleshlight insert has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it is important to remember to allow the insert and case to dry thoroughly before placing the sleeve back in the case for storage. The inner canal takes longer to dry completely, however you can place it back into the case and leave the caps off of both ends. This will allow air to get through the canal and continue to air dry, which could take several hours.

You may begin to notice after washing and disinfecting the Fleshlight insert a few times, that it is beginning to lose its softness and is becoming sticky. The silky, soft feeling can be renewed and maintained through the application of 100% talcum powder, cornstarch, or Australia Fleshlight Renewing Power, to the sleeve after it has been cleaned and thoroughly dried. Using any other type of powder that may contain perfumes or oils will damage the sleeve, causing it to become sticky, and unsightly. Plus it will cause the plastic case to cloud.

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Taking the time to properly clean the Fleshlight STU male sex toy, and care for the product is the best way to ensure a long-lasting sensational relationship with your Fleshlight. Proper cleaning and maintenance will allow each use to feel just as amazing as the first use, while prolonging the life of the product. Remember to take the time after each and every use to properly clean and care for your Fleshlight toy.

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