We have a range of sex swings that can be mounted to a door frame, celing or stand alone with a frame

Being newly beds, our sex life has been hot and steamy, and we blessed our new home by having sex in every room of the house. We have tried every possible sex position, from against the wall, with me lying on the table as he ate my pussy before pounding me hard and fast that I thought the table was going to give. We have been experimenting with sex toys and other couple’s sex toys, and that was when we discovered door sex swings. My husband liked the idea very much, and buying online for a sex swing was one of the easiest decisions we ever had!

The Sexy Swing at the Park

My husband did not tell me it had arrived earlier and he already had it installed. Instead, he surprised me by getting me hot and into the mood right from moment I came into the door, getting my clothes off me piece by piece as we made our way into the bathroom. After the refreshing shower together that saw some naughty licks and sucking that made me wet and moist, it was then that I noticed the door sex swing as I toweling myself dry, and when I turned around to face him, he was right there behind me, pinned me against the wall, fondling my breast and touching my pussy before he got me into position into the door sex swing.

The experience was different, being raised in the air as he then proceeded to give my moist pussy a fast licking that made me grip and hold on to the swing for support as his tongue and lips teased and excited all the right spot in my clit and vagina. I was so turned on that my pussy juices were flowing, and after giving my clit a good burst of sucking that nearly made me come, my husband stood up and positioned himself against me.

I was so hot and horny, and my pussy was so wet moist that I spread my legs wide as he slammed his hard and raging cock into my aching pussy. The thrill of holding onto the sex swing to support myself as he pounded and slammed deeper into me left me so aroused. I never thought the door sex swing with stand could be so good, so exciting! My back was against the door, and with his every pump that buried his cock deeper and faster into my pussy left me moaning at first, and then wailing, then suddenly screaming at him to fuck me harder and faster as a powerful orgasm suddenly ripped into me from all the excitement!

And I guess that door sex swing was the inspiration that got our sex life swinging in an even naughtier and more exciting way.

We just had a light dinner date from a nearby café that had opened, and we decided to take a stroll on the way back home. We passed by through a park that was just a few blocks away from home, and suddenly my husband guided me to go inside the park. I asked him where we were going, and he just gave me a sly and naughty smile as we walked onwards.

And then we saw the swing. The nearby lamppost must have gone off and park services have not been able to fix it yet, leaving the swing in a dark. My husband guided me onward, and I felt myself get excited, wondering if he was thinking what I was thinking. And he did, because right when we were on the swing he guided me to sit on the swing, and with a quick move his fingers were inside my skirt and pulling down my undies.

The fear of getting caught having sex in public somehow excited me as my husband unzipped his cock and offered it to me for a good licking. At first I kept on looking around as I kiss, licked and sucked his cock, but soon I was so aroused by what we were about to do that I decided not to give a damn if someone saw us. I gave my husband a blowjob that left him moaning and grunting, which made my naked pussy moist and wet. I felt him hold my hair as he parted my mouth from his cock, and getting the idea, I gripped and held on to the swing as I spread my legs wide to welcome his hard cock.

He held on the base of the swing seat and pushed me backward, and then slowly let me swing back forward as his cock penetrated my pussy. The sensation was intense as I felt his cock bury into vagina my inch and inch. He did this a couple of times, letting me swing back and slowly swing forward to let my pussy meet his cock, transforming the innocent child’s swing into our very own sex swing. I was getting so aroused that I could not take the excitement of the moment, coupled with the fear of being caught that I begged me to fuck me more, and he obliged.

He let the swing back once more and then let his cock slam deep into my pussy on the way back, and then he started pounding me. I held on to the chain of the swing, and all I could hear was the creaking of the iron hinges as I saw my husband’s outline in front of me, slamming and pumping into my vagina even faster. For a moment I imagined the two of us as strangers, and the thought excited me, making me squeeze my pussy tight that made him groan and pause, followed by a hard and fast fucking as I tried to keep the moans inside my throat from the sheer thrill of being fucked in a sex swing, and having sex in public!

I could not last long, and I whispered that I was near which made him slam his cock even harder, deeper, and gave me a fuck like there was no tomorrow as he pumped faster and faster that I was biting my lips so hard as I felt my orgasm surge out of me, just in time as he slammed his hard cock one more time and ejaculated hard and deep inside me.

We stayed there for a while motionless, our bodies connected on the sex swing, basking in the excitement of our first public sex before we got to our senses and prepared ourselves. I asked him for my undies but it was nowhere to be found, so we left the park and walked the way home with me and my well fucked naked pussy tingling at the thought of getting another hot fuck with our door sex swing once we get back!

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