What do guys think of the fleshlight pocketpussy?

You do not have to take our word it; the Fleshlight flashlights are an incredible product. Take a look at what actual men have to say about their experience with the male masturbation Fleshlight male masturbation sex toy.

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If you ain’t got it, you’re missing out! It don’t talk back or ask where you have been.” - Michael from VIC

“When I was a younger, I always thought these products were for pathetic losers. But I am now in a long-term relationship, and doing it the old fashioned solo way causes my arthritis to flare up.

The Fleshlight feels very good. In my opinion, the actual physical sensation my penis experiences is just as pleasurable a real vagina. The only thing missing is all the stuff that goes along with lovemaking.

Another thing I would like to point out is that I do not need to be fully erect to use the flashlight. I have another masturbation toy that requires me to be rock hard in order to penetrate it, which at my age does not always happen.

Another thing I would like to point out is that I do not need to be fully erect to use the flashlight. I have another masturbation toy that requires me to be rock hard in order to penetrate it, which at my age does not always happen.

Overall, it feels great!” - Joe from VIC

“Yowza! If I wasn’t so secure in my femininity and skill levels, I would be feeling a wee bit concerned!

On a mission to spice up things in the bedroom, we started to look for fun sex toys to use. The Fleshlight seemed to be designed to perfection...maybe a little too perfect!

When you use a generous amount of lube, and some visual stimulation, my honey almost doesn’t need me! haha!” - Amber from NSW

“I am a virgin, I cannot say if the Fleshlight feels like a real warm, juicy, pussy. But what I can tell you is that it is amazing! Before I purchased my flashlight, I read many, many online reviews.

Since many customers were not 100% satisfied with the Original Pink Lady, I decided to purchase the Vortex insert. It was the most incredible, intense, mind-blowing orgasm could have imagined. - Nick form ACT

“During my wife’s last pregnancy, with twins, sex stopped completely by the end of the third month. It became too painful for her. Instead of making me suffer, she decided to buy me a Fleshlight that was molded to feel like my favorite porn star, Riley Steele. Once I started using my new toy, not having sex with my wife was no longer a problem.” - Jay from QLD

“When I first bought the Fleshlight STU, I was skeptical. After all a toy that helps improve stamina in the bedroom? After the first use, I was hooked. The sensation was incredible, as the soft, silky smoother bumps massaged my shaft. I was ready to bust after 3 minutes! Now I am able to go in bed for 30-45 minutes easy!” - George form NSW

“The Fleshlight is incredible! Like nothing I have ever felt before. Plus it comes with everything you need, including a mini-bag of lube.

When you first insert yourself inside of the slippery canal, you feel instant pleasure. It feels so good you cannot stop! The soft pleasure ‘nubs’ are perfect. No it does not feel like the real thing, but it’s really close. I really can’t describe the feeling; it’s just that good!

The Fleshlight comes with a cap that regulates the airflow, which increases and/or decreases suction. Do not underestimate this feature! It can completely change the experience!” - Matt from SA

“What could be hotter than thrusting into your favorite porn star’s tight vagina, butt, or mouth? Especially while watching her get pounded? Thank you Fleshlight for making my fantasy come true!” - Craig from FL

“The Butt Fleshlight orifice really resembles the anus and it looks inconspicuous compared to other anal toys I’ve tried.” - Bill from NSW

“The mouth orifice looks and feels like a real mouth. The only thing missing is the slurping and gagging noises that come along with the real thing.” - Fred from NSW

“My wife bought me one for Xmas. She has cut me off from her pussy since I tired encouraging her to become a plus size model. The Fleshlight is great. It is the closest thing I get to pussy now. Just use lube often while you are use it and it will feel incredible.” - Justin form QLD

“This is the first male masturbator I have ever purchased. I originally purchased it, because I was going on an extended assignment, keeping me from seeing my wife. I purchased it so I could have some type of stimulation while I was away, and still maintain a certain level of stamina for when I returned home. I greatly enjoyed the Fleshlight, in fact my wife and I finding new ways to put it to use.” - Garrett from WA

“I love how quick and easy clean up. The longest part of cleaning the toy after use is allowing it to dry thoroughly.” - Bill from WA

“I’ve used a couple of cheap strokers prior to buying a Fleshlight. For anyone considering doing the same, I recommend skipping the cheap toys. The biggest downfall is that you need to clean it right after use. If you wait, to allow yourself to lay in a pleasure coma for a while, the inside of the sleeve will become sticky and tacky, making it more difficult to clean. I have been using my Fleshlight for over a year now, and I still keep it mainly for solo masturbation.” - Noah from QLD

“If you are looking for a discreet toy, the packaging can be a bit tricky. Upon receipt, it is inside of a large, metal container, with an image of a naked woman and the product placement all over the can. (Good luck hiding it if you live at home with your parents, or in a dorm!) Inside of the time you will find the Fleshlight, promotional papers, and papers concerning care and usage. With that being said, if you keep the wide side down, the Fleshlight actually looks like an oversized flashlight (well when you have the letters pointed away from obvious view). Making it much more discreet outside of the packaging than inside of the packaging.

For my first time buying this type of sex toy, I anticipated the nubs inside of the SuperSkin sleeve to be a little firmer. Though the super soft pleasure nubs, feeling amazing on my member, I was just surprised it did not require a more rigid texture inside of the sleeve.

Overall, it is a great product. The biggest downfall for me was the packaging was not discreet. Once I tossed out the packaging, my Fleshlight could almost be confused for a flashlight in the event of a power outage.” - Bruce from NT

“Out of the 4 Fleshlights that I own, I would have to say my favorite is the plain, old Fleshlight STU. Not all of the models come equipped with the end caps that change the airflow, directly increasing/decreasing the suction. For anyone considering purchasing a Fleshlight product for the first time, I highly recommend either the STU or Vortex. You won’t be disappointed.” - Jared from Sydney

“The price for Fleshlight toys is a great deal now. I bought mine a while back, so I paid a pretty penny for mine. Don’t just take my word for it, buy one for yourself. I promise, you will love going in balls deep.” - Jay from Sydney

“ If you haven’t already, you have to try a Lotus sleeve. The Lotus texture with the Fleshlight Girls is mind blowing! When you are finished, clean up is relatively quick and easy.” - Ray from VIC

“ My favorite thing about the Fleshlight products, isn’t just the intense orgasms it causes me to have...but it is the ability to pick and choose which insert you want to you. You have such a variety, that it is like sleeping with a different woman each day of the week!” - Rob from QLD

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