Getting yourself an Australian Kiss (you know, itís like a French Kiss, just that itís given down under) is not just erotic and arousing, but certainly unforgettable as well. Nothing feels like being worshipped between your legs by a hot, quick and darting tongue giving you all those exquisite kisses, licks and sucks on your clit, working to tease out your sweat pussy juice to flow and flow for some orgasmic goodness.

But finding a good and willing man to go down under can be quite a challenge, and all you may be left with are memories that only leave you wanting and craving even more for those delicious sensations. We may not be able to offer you a good man, but Thatís Naughty Australia can give you the sensations and stimulations with this sex toy.

the best clit pumps in australia

We offer you our selection of pussy and clit pumps so you can enjoy and experience the rush of getting your pussy and your clit licked, sucked and pampered with suction pumping goodness like never before. They come in various models for you to choose from so you can find the right sex toy to pump you right up to orgasm heaven. Lie down, spread your legs, place the contour cup just right on the spot and enjoy as your vulva and labia gets all those erotic stimulations through high intensity super suction, pumping up the intense pleasure with every increasing pressure. Some models also come with vibrating bullets to give you sweet erotic shots of pleasure with each delicious pump. Pussy pumps come with easy trigger valve to release the pressure, just in case you have become deliriously pump happy, so you can start and enjoy it again. This release valve gives you control for the suction that you desire, and ensures for a safe and more enjoyable pumping suction experience.

Cleaning is easy with sex toy cleaners and some warm water. Just rinse them up after every use and your Pussy pump will always be safe and ready to give your clit the suction pleasures it craves.

Pump Ė pussy Pressure Pleasure!

Ashleigh had always loved the feeling of getting her pussy and clit licked and sucked. Sure, she does enjoy the usual cock banging her pussy, but there is nothing like being licked and tasted down under. Men always love to be given blowjobs, but finding a man who is not only willing to go down on her but stay down under, a man who loves nothing more than licking and tasting her as if her clit and pussy were like oysters and pearls, well, that can be pretty challenging. Whenever a man goes down on her, taking her pussy and clit on his mouth, Ashleigh feels as if she was a goddess being worshipped, an erotic and arousing thrill unlike any other.

But Ashleigh cannot wait to find that man who loves to give a good licking, and her clit has been hungry to feel that glorious sensation of being licked and sucked. So Ashleigh decided to browse for some sex toys, and from she found a curious one that just might be able to suck the boredom out of her.

Ashleigh bought the Pipedream Fetish Fantasy Extreme Vibrating Pussy Pump. It arrived just as promised, discrete packaging and swift delivery. The instructions were simple, and when the right moment arrived, she decided to give in to its suction.

Ashleigh placed the contoured cup over her pussy, then slowly worked the pump lever. She took it one pump at a time, feeling her pussy react and bask in the luscious suction pressure pleasure. She then gave it another pump, increasing the suction, and also increasing the pleasure. She gave it a few pumps more, enjoying each and every increase in suction that was working its vacuum magic on her aroused pussy lips and clit. She finally found the perfect suction pressure that offered her maximum arousal, and she let it stay there, basking at the feeling, while she played a bit with her nipples that were starting to be stiff and erect. She let the pressure go, and felt her clit be free from the pressure, and also from the pleasure. She clamped it again, and worked her arousal way up again, level by level until she felt her nipples so hard, and her clit and pussy lips so aroused, and kept the pressure level at that point, basking in the glorious sensations it was giving her.

And then Ashleigh decided to activate the multi speed bullet.

She started at the lowest speed, and yet the sensation was quick and intense on her very aroused clit. Ashleigh closed her eyes and the sensations reminded her of the first time she got her clit licked, that unforgettable first time that made her discover the joys of being licked and sucked that turned her on even more than any stimulation. She tried on the next speed, and this time she remembered the other moments wherein she got lucky and she got herself a good licking; there was no face, only the sensation of being licked and sucked, and as Ashleigh tried speed after speed, memories of even more delicious licking and suckings came to her mind, turning her on even more with the increase in the speed of the bullet shooting erotic vibes into her clit.

Pussy and clit pumps work well with other sex toys we have available for you here at Thatís Naughty Australia. Turn out the lights so you can concentrate and enjoy every sweet and delicious pumping sensation with our selection of blindfolds for some erotic sensory deprivation. Get your nipples tingling with erotic and arousing vibes with our selection of nipple suckers so you can get all those vibrating and sucking pleasures the same time as with your clit. We also have vibrators and massagers for extra vibrating pleasure for your other intimate parts. When it comes to naughty fun, we want to give you a long enjoyable run, and we offer you these pussy pumps and other sex toys only here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Shop online for Pussy and clit pumps only here at Thatís Naughty Australia. We offer you flexible and secure payment modes for online shopping for clit pumps and other sex toys and accessories through Direct Deposits, PayPal or Credit Cards. We guarantee discrete billing and fast delivery service in plain and discrete packaging so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Experience and enjoy the erotic and arousing pleasure sensations with every suck, guaranteed to pump wet you into sweet orgasmic heaven, only here with Thatís Naughty Australia.

And then she remembered Simon, Simon and his delicious mouth. He was the best kisser she ever had, but it was nothing compared to the way she licked and sucked Ashleighís clit and pussy. As Ashleigh basked in the high speed sensations of the bullet and her memories filled with her naughty remembrance of Simon, she wondered if Simon was a diver; because he dived and stayed down under on her without respite, teasing her more and more, like a diver going deeper and deeper as if her clit and pussy was the pocket of air for his breaths. These memories of Simon and his magnificent mouth and tongue only made the sensations of the sex toy even more powerful and more arousing on her clit, so Ashleigh switched on to lower speeds until she started it slow again, giving her the chance to catch her breaths so she can enjoy the sex toy even longer.

Ashleigh closed her eyes and tried to remember how it was it Simon, of how he started slow, just like the lowest speed of the bullet on her clit. And then Simon in memory would increase his pace, and Ashleigh increased the speed, feeling her clit and arousal throb with the pressure of the pump as well as the bullet vibrations. And with every memory of Simon doing what only Simon did best for her, she increased the bullet speed, her orgasm building up inside her with every speed increase.

She felt that her orgasm was just a few moments away, and Ashleigh recalled the best tongue action she got from Simon as she pressed the bullet to give her even more erotic vibes. This time, Ashleigh stared wide eyed at her ceiling as she let her body be rocked with powerful stimulations on her clit. She let her memories of Simon guide her, to that unforgettable lick that made her sob tears of joys at the pleasure she experienced as she switched on to the highest speed possible, basking and enjoying the sensation like never before. She let go of both pump and dildo speed, and let her hands play and squeeze her nipples that have been begging for attention, and so she played on them as the bullet kept on tingling her clit in pressure pleasure, and it was while pinching her nipples that Ashleigh remembered how Simon put his mouth and tongue to use on her nipples that finally sent her over, her orgasm suddenly exploding from inside and rocking her body, leaving Ashleigh shivering and moaning in pure pressure pleasure.

Later on, Ashleigh pressed the quick release lever, feeling the pressure ebb as her orgasm subsided. She just discovered new pleasure in her quest to replicate the memories of being licked and sucked. She never knew that pressure could be this pleasure good, but now she knew, all because of her new sex toy pump that promises a lot more of high pressure pleasure nights for her.

(Experience the pressure pleasure of having your clit and pussy lips aroused unlike any other with our selection of pussy pumps. Be it for solo play or to start the night hot and tight with your lover, these pussy pumps will get you aroused in no time, and your pussy and clit begging for even more. Get your pussy and clit the pressure pleasure it is still to savor with our collection of pussy pumps and other sex toys and sex essentials you can buy online for a more pleasurable experience, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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