The popularity of glass sex toys is increasing rapidly. Glass sex toys are hypoallergenic, handcrafted, orgasm inducing works of art.

What are glass dildos?

Glass dildos are carefully handcrafted works of art that are designed to stimulate a womanís G-spot with firm pressure. The large glass dildo offers several advantages over the rubber, plastic, metal, and silicone dildos. These advantages include: beauty, durability, heat absorption, safety, and easy cleaning and care.

Glass dildos are generally made of Pyrex or another type of borosilicate glass. The biomedical grade glass is hand-blown to enhance the strength and durability of the glass toy, rendering them 8-10 times stronger than regular glass. Due to the strength of the biomedical grade glass used to blow glass sex toys, the glass dildos are shatterproof, crack proof, and chip resistant. They are even made to withstand falls, and high-impact play sessions.

The biomedical grade glass enables the toy to absorb heat, and quickly be cooled for thrilling temperature play. Warm your glass dildo for a warm, inviting, sensual play session. Or cool your toy for a more thrilling, chilling, elongated play sessions. Always remember not to boil or microwave your glass dong prior to use. Doing so could result serious burns and injury.

More information about Glass Sex Toys

The Different Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys can be found in a wide array of shapes, colors, and sizes. Some of the commonly seen and purchased glass sex toys are: glass dildos, glass dildo roses, abstract glass shapes, long anal dildos, vibrating glass dildos, butt plugs, juicers, and probes. Below you will find a brief description of several different types of glass toys.

Glass dildos, and glass dildo roses, are typically used in similar the same forms of play as dildos made of other materials. With the exception that temperature change can be added to intensify the experience. The curved glass dildos, and twisted glass dildos, are the best for stimulating the G-spot and/or prostate during play sessions.

Abstract glass shapes can be used to penetrate the vagina or the anus. Often times they be used as butt plugs, and not just decorate works of art!

Vibrating glass dildos tend to either have a vibrating unit that attaches, or have the unit already installed. It is recommended that you look for glass vibrators with a unit that attaches to it, and not built inside of the toy. Glass dildos with vibrators build inside are generally machine made, and the glass is weakened when hollowed out for the vibrating unit or bullet to be installed. In other words, they are as strong, and may chip or crack if dropped.

Long anal dildos are great for enhancing butt play. Often times are in the form of dildos, poppers, or probes. The anal poppers are basically anal beads blown together, into one glass long anal dildo. Glass probes enable most prostate stimulation.

Glass juices are twisted dildos, designed to be twisted or turned while inserted inside of the body. The sensation is thrilling, and promotes G-spot and prostate stimulation.

How to Clean Your Glass Sex Toys

Glass sex toys are non-porous, meaning they will not hold mess and/or bacteria the way toys of other materials will. This is one of the reasons glass is popular. Either use a sex toy cleaner, or antibacterial soap and warm water to wash the toy. You will see squeaky-clean results almost instantly.

Where can I buy Glass Dildos?

Where you can buy online for Glass Dildos and Dongs is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can shop online for glass dildos of different shapes, length, and designs from the best glass dildo brands like Pipedream, Doc Johnson, NS Novelties, New Sensations, and Topco. Experience intense climax pleasures like never before when you add naughty temperature play to your erotic and arousing masturbation with the wide selection of the best glass dildos you can buy online only here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

How much are Glass Dildos?

The price of glass dildos and dongs you can buy online at Thatís Naughty Australia are made affordable just for you. You can order and shop online for glass dildos priced between $29 and $97, and you can choose from a wide selection of shapes, length, and designs for glass dildos. Whatever your budget may be, you can purchase online for quality glass dildo that will give you crystal clear orgasmic pleasures at very affordable prices, made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

Why should I try and buy Glass Dildos?

Why you should try and buy glass dildos and dongs is because it can offer you exquisite and arousing sensations and stimulation like no other sex toys can: temperature play. Glass is highly sensitive to temperature changes, be it hot or cold. Curious about how a cold glass dildo will feel inside your thirsty vagina or something warm and hard like a real cock plunging deeper inside you? Discover and indulge in the naughty and arousing sensations of hot or cold temperature play with glass dildos, guaranteed to make you climax like you never thought possible when you buy online for high quality glass dildos and dongs, made available and affordable for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

When do I need to replace my Glass Dildos?

When you would need to replace your glass dildos will depend on the proper use, care, and storage of your new glass dildo sex toy. Glass dildos and dongs are made from high quality glass, and they have been designed and tested to last and give you climax and multiple orgasms for a lifetime. Make sure you carefully handle your glass dildos, store it safe, and always have extra sex toy cleaners so you can keep your glass dildos always clean and safe, and always ready for naughty and satisfying masturbation experience with added temperature play guaranteed to always give you intense and orgasmic climax.

Most glass dildos are heat resistant, this means you could boil the glass sex toys to clean them.

Angela : Glass Dildo Pleasures

Angela has a recurring dream. And in that dream she always finds herself being brought to a feeling that is almost like being lifted to heaven.

In her dream she would be in bed, in the dark except for a few strands of light coming in her window from the moonlight. She is naked, and with her legs spread, an open invitation that seems to have been answered. She feels this hardness, smooth and sleek, going in and out of her pussy. There is no face to be seen in the dark, nor shape of a man who is doing this to her, her nightly visitor. It is almost as if she is being made love to by a ghost, but it does not scare her.

For Angela, the human shape is not even important, nor the face, nor even the shape of what surely feels as a hard and willing cock. All that matters is the sensation, the feeling of being filled up, as if between her legs she finds all emptiness suddenly replaced by the joys and wonders of being entered. She wants to hold it inside of her, but it is slippery in its elusive retreat, yet always coming closer, and closer until itís inside her, plunge deep into her pussy.

Dreams can be weird, for sometimes the hard cock feels cold, and it sends a shiver through her, a perfect complement to the slow and small fires lit and burning inside her vagina. At other times it feels warm, hot blaze and its heat only serves to light Angela even more, as if she feels her every being set on fire. Her nightly visitor is like an Angel, always visiting Angela, entering her and guiding her to what is the inevitable rush and flood of her vagina walls.

But even dreams can never be enough. But dreams can be made real. And for that reason, Angela has with her a Doc Johnson DJ Glass Dreams - Awesome Blossom - Glass Dildo.

How to Use a Glass Dildo

If it is your first time using glass sex toys, be sure to start off slowly, and with a smaller toy. Glass sex toys will not give or change shape at all once they penetrate your body like toys made of rubber, silicone, and plastic do. Providing you with a firmer pressure as the toy penetrates your body.

Begin your play session with your glass dong with a little sensual exploring. Start by stroking the outer lips of the vagina with the glass dong, and then move to clitoris with the bulb, or head, of the glass dildo to greater arousal. As you become more excited, apply a generous amount of lube, preferably water-based, onto the glass dildo to ease the toys ability to slide in and out of your vaginal opening or anus.

Glass dildos apply a firmer pressure during masturbation and/or sexual activity that take your incredible sexual experience, and turns into a head-spinning thrill. As the beautifully designed, curved dildo stimulates your G-spot and/or prostate, you will enjoy the smooth texture of the toy as it easy slides and glides in and out of your pleasure hole.

To make the experience more thrilling, try experimenting with temperature play. To warm the glass sex toys, play them in a bowl or sink of warm water for 3-5 minutes for a warm, arousing sensation. Or place the glass dildo in a bowl or sink of cold water for 3-5 minutes for thrills that will send chills up and down your spine.

Please note, whether it is your first time experimenting with a glass dildo, or you a seasoned veteran, always remember if you feel any pain or discomfort stop what you are doing. Pain and discomfort are signs that something is wrong, and could potentially be a warning sign or prevention of an injury.

Why are Glass Dildos Popular?

  • Glass sex toys can last a lifetime! They are shatterproof, crack proof, and chip resistant, lengthening the toys lifespan.
  • Glass dildos clean up quickly and easily with warm water and soap. They can even be boiled or simply tossed into the dishwasher!
  • The rigidness of the toys enhances and stimulates orgasms.
  • Majority of glass sex toys are handmade, adding the beauty and craftsmanship of each glass sex toy.
  • Glass toys are non-porous, meaning they do not hold on to messes and bacteria like other materials can. The glass also makes the toys hypoallergenic, and the most sanitary sex toy available on the market.
  • Glass sex toys become extremely slippery when in use.

Just like as how it is in her dream, Angela likes the sensation of cold, and her glass dildo becomes that hard and willing cold cock easing its way inside her hot and wet vagina, a dance of ice and fire inside her depths. At other times, especially on cold nights, her vagina craves for something warm and hot aflame inside of her, and her glass dildo becomes that, a warm and sleek pole burning, lighting up sparks to become fire inside of her, as if she was in winter and the long warm glass dildo is there, melting the coldness little by little until she would flow, little by little until her juices becomes a river overflowing, a rush of orgasmic waves inside of her.

Angela loves to feel, and she loves the thrill of trying to hold on to what is inside her, only to feel it easily slip away. And just as easily, it finds it way inside her waiting vagina, again and again, filling her up, just like in her dreams.

Filling her up: in and out, and deep, her invisible angel made real long and hard, bringing her closer to a feeling of heaven.. she cums hard on her dildo.

Shop online for glass dildos only here at Thatís Naughty Australia for that crystal pleasure you desire. From clear glass to dark colored glass dildos, sleek and long or those curved shapes designed to hit your g-spot, we have them in our collection. Glass dildos are one of the safest to sex toys to have, easy to use and sanitize for hour long pleasure. Best of all, glass dildos adapt well to change temperature: warm or cold, it will be ready and willing to bring you the orgasm after orgasm. Buying online for glass dildos has never been easy, safe, and completely private. So if you are like Angela who loves the clear sensation that glass dildos offer or would like to introduce someone to the heavenly pleasures it can bring, try one now!

Who makes good Glass Dildos?

The best brands when it comes to glass dildos are Pipedream, Doc Johnson, Topco, NS Novelties, and New Sensations. You can order and shop online for glass dildos and dongs from these brands, and you can choose from a wide selection of length, colour, and naughty designs, all made available and affordable for you by Thatís Naughty Australia

Who sells Glass Dildos?

Thatís Naughty Australia sells glass dildos and dongs! Experience and enjoy the unforgettable naughty arousing sensations and erotic stimulation of temperature play masturbation. You can order and buy online for the best glass dildos from top brands like Pipedream, NS Novelties, and Doc Johnson made available in budget prices you can definitely afford. Indulge, and pamper your pussy with the exquisite sensations of hot or cold temperature with glass dildos for crystal clear climax and multiple orgasms that would leave you breathless and craving for more with the best quality glass dildos and dogs you can buy online, only here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

What type of Glass Dildos do I need?

The type of glass dildos that you would need to give you erotic pleasure and naughty satisfaction will depend on your personal preference with regards to length, colour, texture, and the naughty shape and cock design of the glass dildo and dong.

Thatís Naughty Australia offers you a wide selection of the best glass dildos you can buy online, just waiting and ready to let you experience naughty temperature play masturbation. Choose the length that fits your pussy or the exotic naughty curves and designs that make you wet and slippery down under. You can choose from standard glass dildos, and even vibrating glass dildos for extra naughty vibes. We have the glass dildos and dongs to let you experience naughty masturbation fantasies and pleasures of a different class, and you can order and shop online for quality glass dildos at affordable prices right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Where is the best place to purchase Glass Dildos?

The best place to purchase online for glass dildos and dongs is none other than right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can order and buy online for the best glass dildos and dongs available in various length, colours, and cock shapes designs from some of the top brands like Pipedream, NS Novelties, Topco, and Doc Johnson. Shop online for quality glass dildos and dongs is fast and easy, and you can enjoy secure and convenient ordering and billing and guaranteed discreet delivery in plain box shipping for your new glass dildos and dongs and other sex toys.

Experience and enjoy the erotic and arousing sensations of temperature play masturbation with the wide selection of the best glass dildos and dongs you can shop online at budget and affordable prices made available for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.

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