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Thereís nothing more disappointing that getting caught soft when all you would want is for your cock to be rock hard and standing proud and straight like a pole, waving its arrival that heralds sexual glory and satisfaction.

What makes it even harder to be soft is when there is a wet and craving vagina that is starting to spread its legs in sexual invitation and erotic anticipation. Soft times like these, you would wish that there was something that would get your cock and confidence pumped up. Well, no need to wish anymore because Thatís Naughty Australia has just the perfect sex toys to get you pumped up for humping pleasures.

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We offer you our selection of cock pumps and penis pumps, guaranteed to get you rock hard and stay harder for the long erotic night ahead. These cock pumps work by creating a partial vacuum around your cock, engorging it as blood is drawn in with every pump. Regain your confidence of being the rock hard lover as you see your cock stand and rise to the occasion, and when you have it all pumped up, snap on the penis ring in place to seal your hardness nice and tight, keeping you hard and ready to satisfy your lover for long hours of wet and wild humping fun. Extending your pleasure time for more orgasmic memories can be yours with these penis pumps, and you can get them here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

These penis pumps are not only the perfect sex toys to get you pumped up and ready: they have also proved to be effective in dealing with Peyronie's disease that cause erectile dysfunction, pain, and abnormal curvature in the penis, with the added bonus of getting extra length for your cock. Get pumped and keep your cock straight like a pole so you can always raise the flag of confidence when it comes to giving your lover erotic and arousing pleasure!

STORY : Pump Ė Penis Cock Pumped Up!

Cate had been worried about Chris, and about their relationship. Lately, their sex life had taken some setbacks, due to Chris problems of getting his cock to stay hard longer. It wasnít like this before, but those days are gone. Cate knew that Chris felt less of a man now that his erection does not stay hard as it used to be, and though Cate do misses those bygone days wherein she herself would surrender to Chris cock that never seem to tire before she does, she is more concerned not just about the sex, but the whole relationship as well. True, Chris had been stressed out lately, and at first they both wanted to believe it was just the stress, but clearly, it wasnít. Men can be so full of pride, as Chris was: he does not really feel comfortable about going to a doctor to discuss his ďmanlyĒ problems.

But unknown to Chris, Cate had done some checking on the internet, and while browsing through some sex toys, she found one that might just do the trick.

It was Saturday Night, and unlike the past Saturdays, Cate wanted this to be different, a new beginning. She wore her sexiest and skimpiest lingerie, one of Chrisí favorite, and she made the preparations while Chris was still in the shower. When he got out, the first thing he saw was Cate lounging in bed, waiting for his arrival. They began foreplay, kissing and touching, getting each other aroused. But Cate had a plan on just how to delicately handle the pride issue. She got out the blindfold that she had also bought for the night, and asked Chrisí to wear them. Chris was all game, and after he wore the blindfold and lied down, Cate positioned herself on top for a 69, to which Chris had no objections as he started flicking his tongue on Cateís aroused clit and pussy.

Cate then started kissing and licking Chrisí cock, soft licks and gentle bites on every inch of Chrisí manhood. He was starting to get hard, and Cate was hopeful as she brought all the talents of her mouth on Chrisí cock, just as Chris was also starting to give her pussy and clit some luscious licks and sucks. But after a few minutes, Cate was very much aroused but Chris was still not hard enough. Time to set the plan into action.

Honey, do you trust me? Cate teasingly asked Chris.

Chris gave her clit a long suck before answering that he did.

Then donít take off that blindfold, and donít do anything, just trust me ok?

Chris was quite surprised by the request, but with Cateís insistence, he promised that he would. Cate made him promise again, and again, just to be sure. Trusting Chris, Cate took out the pump that she had placed just beneath the bed while Chris was in the shower.

Chris reaction was instant when he felt something was being placed on his cock and started to ask what it was when Cate reminded him of his promise. Blindfolded, and with a pussy waiting to be licked and sucked, Chris went back to licking and sucking Cateís pussy and clit while Cate worked the pump on Chris cock, just as how she read it. Getting it all done and prepared, Cate rocked her pussy against Chris mouth, a challenge that Chris accepted by sucking and licking Cateís pussy even more.

These cock pumps also work great with our wide selection of sex toys and other sex essentials that you can find here at Thatís Naughty Australia. Add some intimate strokes in your foreplay with our selection of body paints and love oils. Once you are pumped up and ready to hump, snap on a cock ring that comes with bullets, so you can give your lover those extra vibrating sensations with every pump. Or if you are looking to add some BDSM fun, we have a selection of cuffs and restraints for some sex power role play that would surely add more naughty fun as you bring fetishes and fantasies into life.

Shop online for male enhancement sex toys like cock pumps only here at Thatís Naughty Australia. We have secure and easy modes for online shopping of penis pumps, sex toys and other sex essentials through Paypal, Credit card, or Direct Deposits. We guarantee fast delivery in plain box shipping and discrete billing, so you can enjoy being naughty all in the comfort of your privacy. Getting your cock rock hard and your confidence pumped up to satisfy your lover is your to have with these male enhancement cock pumps, for more pleasurable humps, only here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Then Cate gave the Pipedream Pump Worx Penis Pump - Beginners Power Pump a good pump.

She waited for Chris to react, watched him pause and take a breath as the suction worked its first pump on his cock, then Chris went back to licking and eating Cateís pussy. Cate took this as a good sign, and gave the sex toy a few more pumps, and she could see that Chrisí cock was getting engorged, the vacuum pressure working just as intended, and was soon rewarded when she heard Chris moan before going back to her pussy. Cate gave it a few more pumps, seeing Chris cock grow some more in size, just as how she remembered it, and asked Chris to tell her if itís too much, to which she just nodded and moaned and started kissing her clit and pussy with a vengeance. Cate was getting aroused seeing Chris cock grow, and the anticipation of getting his now engorged cock fucking her pussy got her hornier and wetter. She felt Chris pause from sucking her clit as she worked the pup some more, enjoying the sensations as he definitely felt his cock coming back to its former glory. Cate was careful not to do it too much, and when she saw that it was about the right size, she asked Chris in her huskiest voice if he was hard and good, to which she clearly saw that he took a gulp before nodding.

Cate took out the pump and latched on the cock ring that she also brought, and she knew just the right size to make sure he stayed hard. Getting his cock all pumped and ringed up, and very hard, Cate gave the cock a long good suck, hearing Chris moan while she did it, and planted a soft kiss on the head. Cate then turned around, and told him Chris it okay to take off the blindfold.

The unmistakable look of surprise on Chris face was priceless, and Cate felt proud of what she had accomplished. But pride was not what she was after, and so she told Chris as lay down and spread her legs.

Fuck me with your big hard cock!

And Chris was more than happy to oblige. Cate surrendered to the passion that was raging in Chris. She felt her legs raised and spread wide. She felt his hard cock teasing her pussy lips. She felt his hardness just like how it was before, penetrating her wet and tight pussy. She basked as Chris banged her pussy slow and easy, then changed the pace, fucking her hard and fast. She allowed herself to be turned over, ass propped high as Chris fuck her dogstyle, feeling his hard cock hit all the right spot. Chris was like a man possessed as his hard cock fucked Cateís pussy in all ways possible, and all the while Cate let herself be guided, spread out, in all positions that Chris wanted, basking in the inspired and pumped up way that Chris was fucking her.

And soon she felt she was getting close, and she knew this was an orgasm unlike any other. Cate went and answered each of Chris pumps and thrust, which only made Chris fuck her even more. Cate was thinking what a night this has been, and what a night all the nights would be when Chris and his pumped up hard cock fucked the breaths out of her as she had an orgasm like never before.

(When soft moments come, the real man cannot go soft, but only hard, and even harder. Donít let any erection problems come between you and your loverís quest for sexual satisfaction and a more intimate relationship. Get your pump up fix with our selection of cock pumps to get your cock pumped up and ready for some long and hot bedroom action!. You can buy online for cock pumps, sex toys and other sex essentials all made available for you here by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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