Fists of Erotic Pleasures - dildos like lands

Fisting you say?!Fisting is the sexual activity that involves the insertion of the fist or hand shaped dildos into a woman’s vagina or anus. It is often considered “taboo” for those who prefer “straight” normal sex, though the practice is common with queers and kinksters. Nevertheless, the pleasure derived from fisting or using dildos shaped like a hand is unlike any other, and if you are looking for dildos for fisting, or if you are curious for some new erotic fistful pleasures, That’s Naughty Australia is here to lend you a hand, make that our fists!

The fingers are shaped into what is known as the “Silent Duck” or “Duck Billing”, the thumb laid flat below the remaining fingers. This forms the fingers into a duck beak shape. The beak shaped fist or fist-shaped dildo, properly lubricated, is then slowly inserted into the vagina or anus. The crucial part of the act in fisting or using dildos shaped like hand is when body of the woman and her emotional feelings adjust to the challenge of accepting being fisted, which does content some element of “pleasurable” pain but the rewards in return makes it worth it .

How to Fist with dildos

This crucial and challenging aspect of fisting or using hand shaped dildos, the excitement and pain makes the body produce endorphins, and the endorphin rush that follows is very exhilarating and very much pleasurable, and even able to produce very powerful orgasms. Once the fist or fist shaped dildo is inside the chosen orifice, the wrist is then left to rest along the opening.

Fisted Pleasure Unlike Any Other

There is no fucking nor thrusting in fisting or using dildo shaped like a hand. Unlike other dildo sex toys that rely on thrusting in and out to simulate a man’s cock inside the vagina, the pleasure derived from fisting through the use of fist shaped dildos is more on the sensation of being stretched out, of being submissive and accepting something as massive as a fist inside a woman’s body. The ecstasy of surrender to the “ring of fire” sensation as the width of the fist or hand shaped dildo coming in is an unforgettable and pleasurable sexual experience.

STORY : Dildos – Hand Fisted Pleasure!

The memories were hazy, and yet the sensation still remained with Jessica. They had just come from a party on that night, and the drinks were good and just kept on flowing. And just like any other after-party celebrations, she and her boyfriend made love. She was so horny that night, and she was so wet, and while they were making love, feeling drunk and helpless to his attentions while savoring the feeling itself, she felt as if her pussy was being stretched to its limit. At first she thought it was the drinks, but it seemed that John’s cock suddenly became giant size. The sensations were unlike any other, and before she passed out from the unforgettable orgasm of that night, her memories tell her that it was not John’s cock, but his hand inside her pussy that she saw before the lights went out of her eyes.

It was only later on that she heard about fisting that the memory came back to her. Taking a cock, especially a big one can be a challenge, but taking a fist? It seemed painful, shocking. And yet Jessica was curious, and so she spent some time browsing through web sites that offered videos of women getting fisted. This was also how she found out about sex toys shaped like hand fist specially designed for fisting. The more Jessica watched fisting videos, the more she felt that her memories were coming back, and no matter how unbelievable it may seem, she also remembered the pleasure unlike any other of that one drunk and hazy night with John.

In the end, Jessica decided to get a dildo hand fist. There were ones that were shaped like clenched fist, and the size of it scared her. So she took what seemed to be the perfect piece for her mystery pleasure discovery, and bought the slim looking Doc Johnson Belladonnas Magic Hand - Hand Shaped Dildo. She had watched videos of Belladona before, of her small and almost magical hand that found its way deep into another woman’s pussy.

The packaged arrived swift, and wrapped discretely, just as promised. But for some reason, while exploring the sex toy in her hand, the conflict of her desire to know and experiment and her own feeling of doubt and disbelief as to how her memories came to her didn’t exactly made her feel eager to try the hand fist dildo. Until two weeks later, when she had what seemed to be a combination of a dream and memories coming back, of her getting fisted, and in that memory/dream she was wildly enjoying it, and when she woke up, feeling her pussy moist and her nipples stiff, Jessica then decided to give it a fist.

She may be wet, but she gave the hand fist dildo a good lubing. Waking from the erotic dream left her so horny, and so she got her favorite vibrator and played it on her pussy, the pulsations and vibrations served as a bridge to connect the dream into reality. The dream/memory images played on her mind as the vibrator played with her clit, making her so moist and even wetter.

Lubed hand fist in hand, Jessica eased the sex toy into her vagina, feeling her aroused pussy lips part like flower petals, taking the beak shaped fingers inside of her until they were open wide. She kept the vibrator playing with her clit, and the feeling of all those luscious erotic vibes on her aroused clit, and her very naughty imagination and horny memories all combined to give her stimulations that she found not only arousing, but thrilling as well.

She pushed the hand fist a little more, feeling her pussy open and widen some more, and the prolonged sensation of just being opened up, and being slowly filled up was turning Jessica hornier and daring. The feeling was something new, of her pussy walls tingling from the sensation of being parted wide, and yet it started feeling naughty good, a little bit of pain that was repaid a hundredfold with these new erotic stimulations that she found herself moving and swaying her hips, as if inviting the hand fist to enter some more, and the vibes on her very aroused clit made her feel that anything was possible as she let it slide in some more.

Where can I buy Fisting Dildos?

Where you can buy online for hand shaped dildos or fist shaped dildos is right here at That’s Naughty Australia. You can order and shop online for fisting dildos for wide opened pussy or anal masturbation experiences like never before. You can choose from duck bill hand dildos or clenched fist dildos for intense and total fisting experience, made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

How much are Hand Dildos?

You can buy budget and affordable hand dildos or fist shaped dildos online right here at That’s Naughty Australia, with prices ranging from $36 for slim hand dildos that are perfect for beginners, and up to $75 for exquisite and intricate detailed fist dildos for an intense fisting experience. Explore and experience a new level of orgasmic pleasure and climax with budget and affordable selection of quality fist and hand dildos you can shop online now and made available for you by That’s Naughty Australia.

Why should I try and buy Hand and Fisting Dildos?

Why you should try and buy online for hand dildos and fist dildos is because it offers a different kind of erotic and arousing stimulation compared to other sex toys. Most sex toys get you to climax with penetration or stimulation, but fisting dildos are designed for you to experience the pleasure from having your vagina or your ass opened wide like never before. It’s a different kind of experience, kinky and naughty, a little pain for so much pleasure, and if you are looking for new pleasure sensations for your solo masturbation or something new to share with your lover, fist like dildos and hand shaped dildos will definitely open not just your vagina and ass but also your eyes and your mind to a new level of intense climax and orgasmic pleasures, and you can buy online for hand dildos and fist dildos at affordable prices right here at That’s Naughty Australia.

When do I need to replace my Hand Dildos?

When you would need to replace your hand and fist dildos would depend on how you use it and take care of it. Fisting dildos are made and designed to give you pleasure for many hours. As you start with flat hand dildos often called the “duck bill”, you might want to add and intensify the arousing sensation by replacing your beginner hand dildos with bigger fist dildos that will let you enjoy and experience wider and more intense fisting pleasures. Whether you are a beginner or someone who is after new modes of pleasure from fisting, and we the fisting dildos you want, made available and affordable here for you at That’s Naughty Australia.

The sensation and pleasure of being stretched, and accepting the fist or fist shaped dildo once it is inside can be enjoyed for as long as desired. Though there is nothing like a real fist going inside a woman’s most intimate hole, the relationship between the fister and the fistee demands a balance not only of master and slave, of giver and taker but most importantly, that of trust and safety. Since it is not every day that one can find someone’s willing fist to help them enjoy the pleasures of fisting, having a reliable and willing hand shaped dildo is important to be able to find a way to perform and enjoy the sexual activity and sensation of fisting. That’s Naughty Australia aims to provide you with sex toys that is always present, willing and able fist-shaped dildos, for your fisting pleasures.

Shop online for hand shaped dildos and fist shaped dildos here at That’s Naughty Australia. We have dildos shaped like a hand to help you experience and discover the wonders waiting to be explored in fisting. These dildos for fisting are made from medical grade materials for your safe and healthy pleasures. We have vibrating fist dildos that add even more spice and electric tingling fun. Get one now for yourself, or buy one for a friend with our easy and secure payment mode Direct Deposits, Credit Cards, you can even get one with Paypal! All fist shaped dildos are just a click away to lend you a willing fist, only here at That’s Naughty Australia.

Jessica’s pussy lips were parted wide like never before. She felt like she was being torn open but in a good and arousing way. But she was still to discover how it really felt to be fisted, as the hand fist was lodged only up to the knuckles of the duck beak shaped dildo, and Jessica knew that this was the challenge she had to face. Remembering those hazy memories, and the orgasm that followed that night gave Jessica the courage to truly get herself fisted, and she closed her eyes as she eased the hand fist inside her pussy even more.

The sensation…was like she was at world’s edge and she was being torn apart on that moment when she eased the hand fist further than she thought possible, a sensation of pain surging high and climbing until it hit its peak and transformed into pleasure unlike any she had experienced before. Suddenly everything became calm and still, as if they had found their place and Jessica saw that she had the hand fist inside her pussy that was stretched out in erotic pleasure. Unlike other sex toys, there was no pumping to be done, just the challenge of getting it in, and Jessica had just fisted herself! And she basked in the glorious sensations of her fisted vagina.

She closed her eyes and let her concentration center on her fisted vagina, feeling incredible sensations of feeling stretched out and wide. She touched the hand fist dildo, and was rewarded with a rush of sensations electrifying the cavern that was her vagina that ran its course throughout her body. She played the vibrator on her clit, and the erotic sensations on her clit and the stimulations of her stretched out pussy combined to give Jessica sustained and prolonged pleasure experiences that she felt that her orgasm was coming into view.

Jessica decided to be daring and experimental, and so she let the vibrator gently brush against the hand fist, and the vibrations that ran its course through the hand fist dildo vibrated and shook her pussy cave that she felt like she was the center of an earthquake, her stretched pussy rocked with powerful vibrations that caught Jessica by surprise. The feeling was so intense, and so she cycled the vibration to a stronger one that finally rocked her pussy with such erotic intensity that she found herself moaning like never before as the vibrations finally broke the dam of her desire that had kept her pussy juices trapped, her orgasm like a wild big wave crashing over her, taking the wind out of her lungs.

Getting back her wits, Jessica popped the hand fist out of her gaping pussy that was creaming out with her love juices. She had been opened like never before, entered and filled up to the max, and had discovered sensations unlike any other, fisted completely with erotic stimulations unlike any other.

(Are you daring to experience pleasure like no other? Discover the power of the fist as it opens you and your pussy stretched out wide for a new world of pleasure sensations, and you can have your fistful of erotic sensations with hand fist dildos and other sex toys and sex essentials you can buy online, available for you here at That’s Naughty Australia.)

Who makes good Hand Dildos?

Pipedream and Doc Johnson are two of the best brands for hand dildos and fist dildos, and we have a selection of fisting dildos perfect for beginners with sleek duck bill shaped hand dildos, and exquisite fisting masturbation with fist shaped dildos, from both brands. Made available and affordable just for you, so take your pick, order and buy online now for the best fisting dildos for your pussy and your ass, only here at That’s Naughty Australia!

Who sells Fist Dildos?

That’s Naughty Australia sells fisting dildos! You can buy online for hand shaped dildos or fist shaped dildos for your fisting pleasures. You can choose for sleek hand dildos perfect for first timers to fisting, or the intense sensation of full fist dildos, made available just for you by That’s Naughty Australia, so shop online now and explore the orgasmic and stimulating sensations of fisting masturbation.

What type of Hand Dildos do I need?

The type of hand dildo or fist dildo you need for fisting depends with your experience with fisting masturbation. The pleasures of fisting masturbation is not in the sensation of having something hard and long inside your vagina like dildos and dongs, or in the stimulation of your clitoris as how rabbit vibrators ears are designed for. Fisting is about the sensation of having your vagina or your ass opened wide, and it’s an experience unlike any other. If you are just starting or curious about fisting, it’s best to start with small and sleek hand dildos, so you can try it slowly and safely. If you are already into fisting and would like to experience that intense rush of being opened wide, then fist shaped dildos are the best for you. First time or for fisting connoisseur, That’s Naughty Australia has the best and wide selection of quality hand dildos and fist dildos you can order and buy online for your naughty fisting masturbation pleasures.

Where is the best place to purchase Hand and Fisting Dildos?

The best place to purchase for Hand and Fist dildos is right here at That’s Naughty Australia. You can order and buy online for hand shape dildos or dildos that look like a clenched fist, perfect for exploring and enjoying the arousing and stimulating naughty sensations of fisting masturbation. Order and shop online for fisting dildos is fast and easy, and you are assured of secure and discrete ordering and billing and delivery in plain box shipping for your new fisting dildo sex toys. Open your eyes and your body to new and intense orgasmic delights with fist shaped dildos that will give you unforgettable climax like never before with the wide selection of the best fisting dildos you can buy online at budget and affordable prices, only here at That’s Naughty Australia.

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