If you are looking for a dildo that will provide you a mind blowing solo penetration, or one that allows you to include your partner in on the fun fuck, you need to check out double ended dildos. Double sided dildos can be found in a variety of different colors, lengths, shapes, and textures. And are great for pleasing just about anyone, regardless of gender.

Double sided dildos are exactly what you need for a dose of intense double penetration, shared pegging, lesbian fun, and more! Let your imagination drive you fantasies with an incredibly stimulating, power orgasm inducing double ended cock.

What is a double ended dildo?

A double ended dildo, commonly referred to a double dong or double ended dong, is a dildo with a long shaft, made of sturdy rubber, silicone, or some other material, with a molded penis head (or bulb) on each end, allowing for penetration. Penetration can be performed on one orifice at a time, or on 2 bodily orifices simultaneously. Or alternatively, in two people at once!

When looking at double sided dildos, you need take the size, textures, and flexibility into consideration. Each factor can take a fun double penetration experience, and turn into an intense, erotic fantasy that is happening before your very eyes.

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How to use a double ended dildo

If you are new to playing with a 2 sided dildo, you may be sitting there asking yourself "how do you use a double ended dildo?" This answer can vary depending upon the type of play, and the double dong you have.

When it comes to solo play, look for flexible double ended dildos. At first touch they may feel a bit weak or wobbly, but as you bend and twist it, the double dong will become firmer.

To start your play session with the flexible double sided dildo, generously apply water based lubricant to each end of the shaft.

Next lie on your back, placing a pillow under your hips, and spread your legs. Before penetrating yourself with the dildo, start with a little moistening exploration. Rub one head along the outer lips of your vagina, and then move to your clitoris. Once you have become aroused, insert one end of the double dong slowly, and then bend the other end of it up towards you. Use it like a handle to control and guide each thrust of the huge double ended dildo.

Now, remove the double sided dildo from your pleasure hole, and bend it into a ďUĒ shape. Then rest it against a surface that will allow the ends to face upwards. Squat over the huge double ended dildo, and gently guide one head into the anus, and the other into the vagina. From here you will be able to bounce up and down, experience the powerful double penetration experience.

For double ended vibrator play with your partner, choose a dildo that is firmer. Doc Johnson and Pipedreams both make some big dongs that are perfect for partner play.

Experimentation is the key to partner play. Balance and positioning are always the two main issues when using vibrating double ended dildos. Try positions where you and your partner may be on all fours either like dogs, or crabs.

Always remember to use plenty of lube. And when engaging in anal play, always remember to insert a finger or two before try dildo. Plenty of lube, and loosened muscles are requirements of safe, pleasurable anal penetration.

Janna: Two ends are better than one

Janna has a secret. Like any woman she loves sex. But there is a kind of sex that happened before that has become unforgettable, a secret she has never shared with any of her lovers. Janna remembers the first and only time she had two guys filling her holes: one on her pussy, and the other on her ass.

When it was happening, she was at first hesitant, for she never had two cocks before working their way inside her, though she had always wondered at how it would feel. But the moment came when being filled up both ways opened up a twin door of desire that she never knew she had before. She loved every moment of it, and has always wanted to experience it again, and again. The two cocks she had belonged to two guys who were actually twins, and as similar as there face was, so was the shape and length of their cocks.

In memory of that unforgettable fuck, of those twin cocks filling up her vagina and her ass, Janna bought herself something so much like the twin cocks, a Doc Johnson Junior Veined Double Header dildo.

Janna began by running its length along her pussy lips, parting them softly, every inch sending tremors throughout her body as she felt every inch sliding over her clit. Feeling herself go wet, she started playing one end on her pussy, guiding it, teasing before slowly pushing it in, just a little bit then out, then a little bit more. She felt her pussy drench with pussy juices with every length going inside her until she wanted her vagina to be filled and she slid it deep inside, her pussy walls clamping on it, not wanting to let go.

And just like her memory, just when she thought she was filled, she started playing the other end on her anus, its tip probing, poking, waiting to be welcomed, and just like how the second twin did it, she eased the end on her anus a little bit as she slid out the other end that was buried in her pussy, her dripping love juices helping it lubricate, slowly and gentle just like in memory, she pushed it little by little until she felt her anus stretched out and filled, like the sweet secret memory of the past.

Who makes good Double Ended Dildos?

California Exotic, Doc Johnson, NS Novelties, Pipedream, and Seven Creations are some of the best brands for the best double ended dildos you can buy online at Thatís Naughty Australia, and you can choose from a wide selection of double ended dildos from these brands available in different colours, length, and cock design, so you can choose and shop online for the perfect double ended dildo to give you double the pleasure as you stimulate your vagina and your ass, or share the naughty erotic sensations with your lover, made available for you at budget prices.

Who sells Double Ended Dildos?

Thatís Naughty Australia sells double ended dildos! Order and shop online from a wide selection of double cock dildos and other sex toys from top brands like Doc Johnson, Seven Creations and NS Novelties. If you are looking for dildos that offer you twice the orgasmic fun or allow you to share the arousing stimulations and sensations with your lover, then you have come to the right place, right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

What type of Double Ended Dildos do I need?

The type of double ended dildo that you would want and need and should purchase online will depend on what turns you on and how you plan to use it. Double dildos come in many colours, designs, and length to choose from, though longer is always better as it allows you that extra inch or two to move and play with it as you please. It may be the colour, or the shape, or something about the double ended dildo that entices you that one naughty thought of playing with in in solo, or sharing it with your lover, makes you hot and moist down under. Whatever may be the perfect double ended dildo to get you wet and slippery, Thatís Naughty Australia offers a wide selection of the best double ended dildos you can order and buy online, for twice the naughty and arousing stimulations for your masturbation pleasures, made available in affordable prices to suit your taste and your budget.

Where is the best place to purchase Double Ended Dildos?

The best place to purchase only for high quality and enjoyable double ended dildos is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. You can order and buy online for the best double dildos from top brands like Doc Johnson and Pipedream. We guarantee secure and discreet ordering and billing, and we will deliver your double ended dildos in plain box shipping for your private enjoyment. Experience and enjoy the double erotic stimulations of two cocks in one, or share the naughty arousing sensations with your lover when you shop online for quality double ended dildos at very affordable prices to suit your budget, made available just for you right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

The 3 most common double dongs are used for:

  • Vagina-to-vagina Ė This is the most common for sex between women. You may want to consider purchasing a huge double dong with clit stimulators on the shaft for both partners. It is a thrilling option for double stimulation that you can share with your lover. Fill each others pussy.
  • Vagina-to-anus Ė Double dongs are perfect for you if you love to use your dildo for vaginal penetration and anal penetration. Use one end of the double for vaginal penetration, and the other end for anal penetration. It is important to you do use the dildo that was used for anal penetration and immediately follow it with vaginal penetration this can cause an infection to be contracted.
  • Anus-to-anus Ė This is perfect for couples that enjoy anal exploration. Anal play can be pleasurable for both men and women due to the large number of sensitive nerve endings located in this area.

How to clean your double ended dildos

Just as you would clean you dildo, glass dildos, double ended strap ons, anal double dildo, etc., you can simply use warm water and anti-bacterial soap. You can also opt for a sex toy cleaner, or isopropyl alcohol. Regardless of the cleaning product used, always allow it to air dry before storing to prevent bacteria and mold growth.

Proper cleaning and care for your double penetration dildos will help lengthen the life of your toy.

What materials are used to make double dongs?

There are several materials used to make double dildos. The most commonly used materials are: gel, silicone, rubber, glass, and plastic. When choosing the best double ended dildo for you, the material can make a drastic difference in your experience.

Gel is the most popular material for making sex toys. It is perfect for designed different shapes, textures of the shaft. Unfortunately, gel toys do not hold their color forever.

Silicone toys are durable, and nonporous making clean up and care simple. Rubber is a flexible, pliable material often used for realistic dildos.

Glass double ended dildos are firm, inflexible, beautiful sex toys. These sex toys are also nonporous, and hypoallergenic. In fact, they are the safest sex toys available on the market.

Plastic is commonly used for creating double ended dongs due to it being nonporous and phthalate-free.

But it was not enough, she had to feel them both, and so Janna started plunging the other end to her empty and waiting and craving vagina, sliding it easily into her wet and drenched pussy until she felt filled and fulfilled, her two loves holes rammed with two twin cocks, just like how the twins did her in her memory.

She alternated between her ass and vagina, one pumping it while the other pumped out, in and out, in and out, going fasterÖthen slow so she could catch her breath. Janna knew that it was only a matter of time before her pussy would be exploding, and she wanted it to happen as it happened before, so she played both ends in and out of her until she knew that her orgasm was only a breath away that she plunged both ends deep, her vagina and anus clamping on them as she remembered the way they clamped on those twin cocks.

As her orgasms subsided, Janna cannot help but smile at the memory of those twins, and her two holes they filled.

Welcome to Thatís Naughty Australia, and if you are looking to shop online for double ended dildos, we have them for you. Double the end is indeed like two hard and willing cocks: double the pleasure. Here at Thatís Naughty Australia, we have a fine selection of double ended vaginas for that double thrill of pleasure that you crave and deserve.

Twice the Naughty fun with Double Ended Dildos at That's Naughty Australia

Where can I buy Double Ended Dildos?

Where you can buy double ended dildos online is right here at Thatís Naughty Australia. Order and shop online for quality and affordable double ended dildos that will give you twice the erotic and arousing naughty stimulations for your masturbation, or share the kinky naughty pleasures with your lover, all in just one sex toy! Experience intense double simulation for solo or double naughty play with the wide selection of double ended dildos you can buy online here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

How much are Double Ended Dildos?

Double ended dildos you can shop online from Thatís Naughty Australia are made affordable to suit your budget. We want you happy and naughty, and getting twice the kinky fun and stimulating action from one great sex toy at low prices is definitely a good thing. You can buy online for double ended dildo starting at $15, and you get more choices for quality and affordable sex toys from $20 to $75. Choose a double ended dildo that you feel is just perfect for you and your budget, and enjoy twice the arousing and erotic stimulations in just one sex toys only here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

Why should I try and buy Double Ended Dildos?

Why you should try and buy double ended dildos is because it allows you to have twice the naughty and erotic stimulations in just one sex toy. Or you can share the arousing and satisfying dildo with your lover. Masturbation will never be the same again when you indulge yourself for twice the erotic fun of having a dildo in your pussy and your butt all at the same time, or sharing the arousing stimulations with your lover as you share the sex toy for more intense orgasms! For private or shared naughty experiences, get naughty flexibility of double ended dildos you can buy online right here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

When do I need to replace my Double Ended Dildos?

When you would need to replace your double ended dildo would depend on factors such as proper use, care, and storage. Read and follow instructions carefully on how to use and take proper care for your double ended dildos so you will enjoy the company of your sex toys for an extended period of naughty time. Use prescribed sex toys cleaners you can also buy online at Thatís Naughty Australia to keep them always clean for healthy masturbation experiences. Given proper care and storage, you can enjoy many long hours in arousing and stimulating erotic experiences with sex toys like double dildos you can shop online here at Thatís Naughty Australia.

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