Long, Big, and Black Dildo Fun

I had my first taste of a big black cock, and I cannot forget it…

I had to feel it again, that sensation of being spread wide and tight, and I found it in a realistic black dildo. There is just something very arousing about a big black dildo, cast against my pale white skin, and then burying itself deeper into my wet and hot pussy. I close my eyes and my long black dildo brings me close again to that night of hot and wild sex, and I can feel my pussy trembling in the massive orgasm I know I'm going to experience…

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I have heard about fisting, and I have to admit I found the idea, well, quiet uncomfortable.

Until I met him, and for some reason he got me to agree to allow him to fist me. I never thought I could be stretched wide; I expected pain and discovered a world of pleasure unlike any other with fisting. He fisted me with passion, with tenderness, wet and wide, an unforgettable experience.

I do not know where is now, but I have a black fist dildo that even in his absence makes me wet and wild as my pussy craves for the arousing sensations of fisting, and just the thought of a big black dildo inside me, of being opened and stretched wide for orgasmic pleasures unlike no other makes me so horny…

That's Naughty Australia Big Black Dildo Cocks

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