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The Original Pinklady Fleshlight - Available online at Thatsnaughty Australia

The original Fleshlight is a discreet, intense male masturbation sex toy. That is designed with a Real Feel Superskin masturbation sleeve to provide the most realistic vaginal, anal, or oral penetration simulation available on the market for men. The sensation realistic feeling sleeve is housed in a discreet plastic case, which resembles an oversized flashlight, for discreet storage.

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What is the Pinklady Fleshlight?

Men all over the world rant and rave about the original Fleshlight. Why, you may ask? The Fleshlight company is working hard to change the negative perceptions commonly expressed about male sex toys, while providing men with a discreet, high quality, tasteful product they can enjoy being pleasured with. No other male sex toy provides an intense, pleasurable experience that as close to the real you can get without actually having the real thing.

Fleshlight allows the user to be in complete control, in every sense during the experience. You can have it however, where ever, and whenever you like. There are different orifices available, styles, and even models molded after your favorite porn star. Men have the ability to choose from three orifices: mouth, vagina, or anus. Men can even take their experience to a whole different level by selecting different sleeve inserts that each provides a unique sensation.

The original Pinklady Fleshlight has a number of inserts

  • Speed Bump (SB): The Speed Bump (SB) sleeve is composed of a multitude of soft, massaging beads that lay down as you thrust your member in an out of the tight canal.
  • Super Ribbed (SR): The Super Ribbed (SR) sleeve densely places ribs throughout the length of the canal to provide a powerful, intense sensation.
  • Wonder Wave (WW): The Wonder Wave sleeve (WW) consists of waves along the length of the canal, providing an intense, powerful sensation.
  • Super Tight (ST): The Super Tight (ST) sleeve features a smooth, un-textured half inch (13 cm) diameter canal, for a super tight sensation.
..your experience will be so realistic that you will almost believe you penetrated your favorite..

Men are thanking Fleshlight for making it possible for the to experience what a sexual experience with their favorite porn star would feel like. The Fleshlight company has carefully molded the intimate parts of: Alexis Texas, Jesse Jane, Kayden Kross, Tori Black, Tera Patrick, Lisa Ann, Jessica Drake, Bibi Jones, Teagan Presley, Jenna Haze, Riley Steele, Asa Akira, Katsoni, and Misty Stone. When choosing a product molded and designed to match the girl’s intimate parts, your experience will be so realistic that you will almost believe you penetrated your favorite Fleshlight girl.

How does it work?

To begin, remove the Real Feel Superskin sleeve from the plastic case. Once the sleeve is out of the case, place it in either a bathtub of warm water, or a large bowl full of warm water. It is important to note that you should NOT microwave the sleeve, or place it in boiling water. Doing so could result in severe burns. After 10-15 minutes, remove the masturbation sleeve from the warm water, and shake off the excess water. Now the sleeve can be inserted back into the plastic case. Once the sleeve is back in the case, use the cap on the bottom to adjust the suction of the toy. You are now ready to apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to both orifice and your member. It is now time to enjoy your Fleshlight.

If you find the sleeve still feels cold, try warming the lubricant for your next use. Simply place the tube in the warm water with the sleeve. Doing so should warm the lubricant enough to provide the sleeve with a warm, wet, slippery sensation.

Cleaning your Original Fleshlight male masturbator

Clean up is a breeze! Simply remove the sleeve from the plastic case, and rinse it under warm water from the sink. It is important that you do NOT use soap when cleaning the masturbation sleeve. Soap will cause the Real Feel Superskin to lose the realistic feeling the unique textural design provides. If you have to perform a tougher cleaning of the sleeve, it is recommended to isopropyl alcohol be used. Regardless if water or isopropyl alcohol is used, be sure to allow ample time for the sleeve to dry. If the sleeve is not properly dried before storage, it could develop a slimy feeling, or black spots (patches of mold). If this occurs, the use of isopropyl alcohol will remove the slimy feeling, or black spots. In order to maintain the soft feeling of the Real Feel Superskin sleeve, sprinkle a liberal amount of cornstarch on the sleeve. Then shake off the excess cornstarch, and store. The use of any other powder, other than cornstarch, such as baby powder, could cause the clear plastic case to cloud.

Cleaning your Original Fleshlight male masturbator

The incredibly realistic feeling the Fleshlight masturbation sleeve offers men, provides more than a realistic sexual intercourse simulation. Below you will find several benefits men gain from using the Fleshlight toy. Fleslight is available in Australia

The Fleshlight masturbation toy is also a STU, or stamina training unit. This means the special design that realistically duplicates the incredible sensation of sexual intercourse, helps you find your own rhythm and achieve peak sexual performance. The Fleshlight STU masturbation product has been proven time and time again to help men improve their stamina in the bedroom.

Another bonus to the Fleshlight STU is it provides yet another option for safe sex practices. Now days, with the growing rise of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), practicing safe sex is extremely important. The Real Feel Superskin allows men to have a realistic sexual intercourse simulation with the orifice of his choice, with the risk of contracting any STDs

.. Real Feel Superskin that makes the realistic feeling is as close as you can to get sexual intercourse ..

Who wouldn’t want to try a Fleshlight product? The company uses a Real Feel Superskin that makes the realistic feeling is as close as you can to get sexual intercourse through a simulation. Plus each man is in complete control of everything, from the orifice he will penetrate, to the insert sensation style, and even which porn star he would like to simulate penetrating. All this while helping increase the man’s stamina in the bedroom through the means of safe sex practices.

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