Whip it Good and Naughty

We started our bondage sex adventures with blindfolds, then came the handcuffs. Tonight I am both handcuffed and blindfolded, and all my senses are attuned and curious about his next bondage surprise for me.

And then I felt something ticklish and soft running through my back. It made me squirm, especially when it traced circles around the curves of my ass before going through my thighs. Then suddenly it was gone, and so I called out his name in a moan and he replied back, not with words, but with a gentle whip on my ass.

He started gently with the crop, and the sensation of the leather whip on my ass was getting me horny and wet. I felt his hard cock penetrate me deep, and I moaned in surprise, which was followed by another lash of the sex whip. He then told me to pump against him harder, punctuated by another lash of the leather whip. This drove me wilder, and with every sex whip I got more turned on…

Kinky and naughty sex. Nothing like exploring and adding new sex adventures for you and your lover to share and explore, and it gets even kinkier and naughtier with bondage sex games and new bondage techniques. Get dominant or submissive, and enjoy BDSM bondage sex role plays with whips for sex and sex whips!

That's Naughty Australia is the best online bondage sex toy shop in Australia for everything naughty and kinky, and we offer you a collection of bondage sex toys like leather whips, perfect for whipping your lover naughty and obedient as your own sex slave. Or reverse roles and endure every whip for a little pain that becomes sensations of pleasure and arousal you never thought possible!

Last time, I had her handcuffed, and I enjoyed the power of control as we played our bondage sex games. Tonight it is my turn as we reverse roles, and she hinted she had a surprise for me. After getting me collared, with nipple clamps tight on my chest, she tugged me closer to her wide opened legs as I started licking and tasting her wet pussy.

And that was when I felt a sharp whack against my ass. I looked up to see the sexual glee in her eyes as she whipped me again with the leather whip, her surprise for me. The sex whip felt ticklish against my skin, and then she whipped me again, and so I went back to going down on her pussy, my mouth suddenly dry in excitement as I lapped at her pussy juices flowing. I have heard of whips for sex before, and the sensation of the sex whip against my now sensitive skin was making me even more turned on.

That's Naughty Australia Bondage Whips, Crops & Sex Toys

I can't wait to try the leather whip on her next time…

Let the naughty whipping begin with leather crops and whips for sex and explore new bondage sex adventures for greater intimacy and new sexual pleasures into your sex life! Learn and discover bondage techniques in using sex whips and bondage whipping, and your sex life will never be the same again with fetish bondage sex games you can play and enjoy!

That's Naughty Australia is the best online fetish bondage sex toy store for bondage sex toys like leather crops, whips for sex, leather whips and many other sex toys for bondage like nipple clamps, pussy suckers, clit toys, blindfolds and handcuffs. Buying online for bondage leather sex toys has never been fast and easy, with many options for online payment through credit cards, PayPal, and bank deposits, with guaranteed fast delivery and discrete billing and packaging for your complete privacy.

Important Note: Always remember that discovering, experiencing, and enjoying new sexual pleasures like power sex role play fantasies, BDSM, and extreme bondage sex requires trust from each other: the stronger the trust, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Never forget to have an agreed “safeword” between you and your lover especially when playing with restraint sex toys, whips for sex, leather whips, bondage whipping, sex whips, Japanese bondage rope or experimenting with rope binding and BDSM rope tying and many other bondage techniques, just in case, for a more pleasurable and unforgettable sexual adventure.

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