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I like my pussy being licked and sucked, and I have never met a man like Matt who savors every moment he could going down on me. He is my pussy licker, my very own pussy sucker, and I have lost count how many times I had an orgasm with Matt's lips and tongue between my wet pussy lips.

And then Matt bought me a pussy toy.

That night, it seemed as if Matt had an extra mouth as my pussy welcomed the kinky and arousing assault of the clit sucker while Matt's mouth ravaged all over my body. I have heard of pussy toys before, but never did I imagine a clit toy could be this good! The sensation was non-stop, sending me to orgasm after orgasm that even for that night I also lost count!

Erotic Stimulation. Nothing turns a woman hot and horny like a good round of stimulating pleasure sensations, and nothing gets the sudden ahhh!, or that long erotic ohhhhh! than your pussy lips and clit being stimulated. Whether it is being kissed, licked, or sucked, vaginal and clitoral stimulation gets a woman wet, hot, and ready for a wild night in bed. So if you are looking for pussy toys to give your pussy delicious round after round of arousing and stimulating foreplay, the best online fetish bondage sex toy in Australia has the perfect fit for you.

You can buy online for pussy toys and clit toys from That's Naughty Australia online sex toy shop. Choose from a selection of clit suckers, pussy suckers, as well as other bondage sex toys like tit sucker and nipple clamps for erotic and orgasmic stimulation. These are perfect for some solo masturbation pleasures, and gets even better when shared with your lover as you explore BDSM and bondage techniques for hotter and better sex.

I miss the sensation of his lips and his mouth on my clit and pussy lips, and it will be a few more days until he gets back from his travel. Good thing is the clit toys he bought for me last time, which I immensely enjoyed. Just thinking of what we did that night made my nipples hard and my clit aroused, and so I got the pussy sucker and let it suck me slowly to orgasmic delight. But I wanted more, and after my first orgasm I played with the clit sucker, and my aroused clitoris tingled with pleasure after pleasure that left me breathless.

I miss him, my personal pussy sucker, but with these pussy toys, at least I can stand the wait, as well as the excitement for the nipple toys he hinted that was waiting for me!

That's Naughty Australia Bondage Pussy Sucker & Sex Toys

Great for solo masturbation, and it gets even better when shared with your lover! Whether you are playing the dominant master over your submissive slave of a lover, or as the willing and obedient sex slave waiting for the naughty punishment, pussy toys like clit toys and pussy suckers will make each and every bondage sex experience very much satisfying, whatever the role you choose to play! Add some more other bondage sex toys like blindfolds, full face mask, handcuffs and nipple clamps to the mix, explore new bondage techniques and get ready to experience a different kind of sex for greater intimacy between you and your lover with bondage sex toys you can buy online from That's Naughty Australia.

The best online bondage and fetish sex toy shop is That's Naughty Australia for clit toys and pussy toys for more arousing and stimulating foreplay and bondage sex role play fantasies! Buying online for bondage sex toys like clit toys has never been fast and easy, with many options for online payment through credit cards, PayPal, and bank deposits, with guaranteed fast delivery and discrete billing and packaging for your complete privacy.

Important Note: Always remember that discovering, experiencing, and enjoying new sexual pleasures like power sex role play fantasies, BDSM, and extreme bondage sex requires trust from each other: the stronger the trust, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Never forget to have an agreed “safeword” between you and your lover especially when playing with pussy toys and clit toys like nipple suckers, clit suckers, nipple clamps, restraint sex toys, Japanese bondage rope or experimenting with rope binding and BDSM rope tying, just in case, for a more pleasurable and unforgettable sexual adventure.

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