Tie up Your Lover

My bf can’t get his hands off me, which is a compliment, but sometimes he becomes too touchy, especially when I want to be left to lick and kiss him. So one day I commented that maybe I should tie him up, and for some reason he said he would like that.

I would have wanted a handcuff, but I had to do with less, so I used one of my scarfs to tie him up. My bf was game as I tied him up to the bedpost. While spreading his legs to tie them up, I saw he was definitely getting aroused, and so was I.

No one usually likes being tied up. But what if you could tie up your lover and be the master, or be tied up yourself and be the sex slave to your lover? Curious about bondage, BDSM, and sex toys for bondage? Excited to play sex role play fantasies involving power and control, to unleash the dominant and submissive side between you and your lover? That’s Naughty Australia online bondage shop offers you a selection of sex toys for bondage for you to introduce and experience something new, naughty, and kinky to your bedroom intimacies.

Rope binding for bondage sex games is not just about the act of being tied up, but also a sexual art in itself, and even great prolonged foreplay. Bondage ropes allows you to be in control or be controlled by your lover for bondage and BDSM fantasies, and the many ways you can use Japanese rope or bondage rope is an experience you should explore and enjoy. Rope bondage and BDSM rope tying allows you and your lover to discover a different and hidden side in each of you, of your dominant and submissive roles, and master and slave bondage sex games are great for knowing and pleasuring each other more!

I and my wife are always curious about ways to make our sex life even better, and when we both discovered rope binding and rope bondage, the look in her eyes told me she was excited and curious about it as I was. Getting her tied up was an arousing experience, and the Japanese rope for bondage felt so looked and felt good against her skin. Unknown to my wife, I had googled online for bdsm rope tying, and I was glad that for our first time, I did quiet well.

Hand and Wrist Restraints Sex Toys – That’s Naughty Australia

My wife played her slave and submissive part as if on cue, and I found the power and control very arousing, and with my rock hard cock I let her feel being a slave to my manhood. The sex was mind blowing!

Next, she gets to try the handcuffs on me!

So if you are looking for new sexual acts for deeper and more satisfying and orgasmic sex experiences, if you want to discover bondage and BDSM sex fantasies, bdsm rope tying, bondage rope, and Japanese rope for bondage offers you to discover the knots and lengths for new sexual pleasure, and we just have the perfect bondage sex toys for you!

That’s Naughty Australia is the best online bondage shop for bondage gear, bondage sex toys and many other adult items for you and your lover to experience bondage and BDSM pleasures through rope bondage, as well as other BDSM restraints like blindfolds, full face hoods, handcuffs and so much more. Buying online for bondage sex toys has never been fast and easy, with many options for online payment through credit cards, PayPal, and bank deposits, with guaranteed fast delivery and discrete billing and packaging for your complete privacy.

Important Note: Always remember that discovering, experiencing, and enjoying new sexual pleasures like power sex role play fantasies, BDSM, and extreme bondage sex requires trust from each other: the stronger the trust, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Never forget to have an agreed “safeword” between you and your lover especially when playing with Japanese bondage rope or experimenting with rope binding and BDSM rope tying, just in case, for a more pleasurable and unforgettable sexual adventure.

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