Kinky Tit and Nipple Sensations with Nipple Bondage Sex Toys

A gentle stroke, or even just a quick lick brings my sensitive nipples taut and hard, and I love the sensation of my nipples being caressed, licked, sucked, even pinched and nibbled. They are small like love buttons that my boyfriend canít just get enough of, giving it his attention, and giving me all the naughty and horny sensations.

And then one day he introduced me to nipple bondage.

The nipple toys were cold on contact, and that sent a surge of excitement down my spine as my nipple stiffened in arousal. At first it felt weird, but soon I found myself attuned to the tight sensation as the clamps bit my nipple tight. My bf would tug it now and then, and the feeling of a little pain was multiplying the pleasure. And when he took them off and sucked my nipples, I nearly had an orgasm right there and then!

Naughty sensations in foreplay make all the difference in creating the atmosphere of heightened and excited sensual feeling. And it only gets better when all the horny and kinky sensations are targeted into one specific area, building up the tension and sensation to excited and fevered pitch sexual high. Looking for bondage fetish sex toys perfect for lovers to put the pinch and clamp on your favorite erogenous part to get things hot, naughty, and kinky in the bedroom!? Look no more for Thatís Naughty Australia, the best online fetish bondage sex toy store in Australia has just the perfect fetish sex toy for you!

Nothing like some kinky and naughty nipple bondage sex toys like nipple suckers and nipple pumps for some exciting nipple bondage sex games! They are small and easy to use, and perfect for you and your lover to share and explore sexual fetish and BDSM bondage sex role play games in the bedroom. Be prepared as your nipple will be clamped and sucked hard like you never thought possible, and turn you on hotter and naughtier!

I have always been turned on by nipples, and my lover likes how much attention I give her nipples with my lips and my tongue. One day, with a naughty look in her eyes she whispered that she wanted to give me back some nipple loving action, and how can I resist!?

We had started exploring light bondage and discovering new bondage techniques, and that night it was my role as her submissive slave. She had me wear the blindfold, and this already got me excited. I felt her lips on my nipples, and what followed next was a naughty surprise indeed as I felt my nipple clamped and squeezed like never before. She took off the blindfold and I saw the nipple clamp and the nipple sucker that was on my chest. And when she tugged on one and nipple pumped the other, was I aroused or what!? My cock never ached as much as that night, and I was all the more a willing sex slave for some nipple bondage sex games!

If you thought you have given your loverís nipples the attention it demands and deserves, well, you can do so much more! Or if you think your nipple has tasted all the naughty sensation, be prepared to be clamped and sucked tight with nipple suckers and nipple clamps for wild nights of nipple bondage sex games with nipple toys made available and affordable for you to shop online from Thatís Naughty Australia!

Explore naughty and kinky fetish bondage techniques like nipple bondage with nipple suckers, nipple clamps, and nipple pumps for some tit-tilating sex adventures for you and your lover with nipple sex toys from Thatís Naughty Australia online bondage shop. Buying online for nipple sex toys has never been fast and easy, with many options for online payment through credit cards, PayPal, and bank deposits, with guaranteed fast delivery and discrete billing and packaging for your complete privacy.

Important Note: Always remember that discovering, experiencing, and enjoying new sexual pleasures like power sex role play fantasies, BDSM, and extreme bondage sex requires trust from each other: the stronger the trust, the more enjoyable the experience will be. Never forget to have an agreed ďsafewordĒ between you and your lover especially when playing with fetish and bondage sex toys like nipple pumps, nipple clamps, nipple suckers, restraint sex toys, Japanese bondage rope or experimenting with rope binding and BDSM rope tying, just in case, for a more pleasurable and unforgettable sexual adventure.

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As for men, there is the Seven Creations Fantasies Inflatable Vibrating Love Doll that features a vibrating vagina, ultra tight anus and deep throat suction and vibration. You can feel the pleasures of lovemaking with a full sized partner as you approach an orgasm. Practicing with a sex doll will help you resolve some issues in your sex life such as premature ejaculation and resume other activities during sex.

These next to real dolls from Thatís Naughty are affordable, making sure that you can have a good experience in your private times when it comes to sex dolls. As long as you are practicing, you can experience hands-free pleasure and you can keep in mind that a sex doll is also the key to a no-strings attached make out session. Even love dolls are welcome when a couple decides to try out a threesome and there is always an option to experiment without risking emotional damage to both parties. The result for threesomes using sex dolls? There can be many discoveries that could be unlocked and pleasures waiting to be tasted along with personal preferences.

STORY : Sex Dolls Travel Sex

Rob has always been a travelling man. For one, it is part of his work, sent by the company to check on company branches and visiting other affiliate companies. He likes the idea of being on the road, of seeing new places and meeting different people. And like any other man, he likes the idea of tasting the local flavors and colors of women in the places he has been. There were always women to be found, if one was just patient, and the idea of doing it with a man who would be gone tomorrow had a certain appeal and charm. But it has not been without risks too, and he had experienced some of those along his travels: of jilted ex- boyfriends and irate husbands that made him run fast lest he got caught, or the rare but unwelcome thievery that he would discover when he wakes up all alone in the room.

But sometimes, even how much he would love too, travelling around plus work equals the day that ends with him being tired and weary. And though he would love to spend it with a warm body of a woman, he would not have the time to do so, or would have the patience. Plus there are the occasional risks too. But there is nothing like getting all that stress out after a long dayís work by getting his cock a good workout. He could do it with his hand, but sometimes, all alone, a stranger in a strange town, it helps to have a familiar face with him. Just like tonight, tired and alone as he was, and definitely horny.

Rob had bought the Pipedream Agent 69 International Love Doll. Admittedly, Rob was hesitant at first about getting one, thinking that sex toys were basically for women. But one look at the face of the sex toy and Robís curiosity was piqued. He was a grown man, and there was no harm in trying, was there? He had it delivered in advance to one of the field offices that was on his itinerary, asking the manager there to expect and hold a package for him, for which the manager was only so glad to do so. It was there waiting for him, right on schedule and packed discretely, just as promised by Thatís Naughty Australia. But got lucky that night, he met a hot brunette on the bar that led to some nice and quick naughty fun, so he wasnít able to check out his love doll. But here and now, a few days later, on another town, tired from the dayís work, he wasnít so lucky in finding a woman to share his bed and his load of cock juice raging to be spilled. But he wasnít that lonely either. Good thing he read the instructions about his love doll while on the road.

He took out the doll, and got it ready. He had seen love dolls before, and they looked nothing more than overlarge, inflated balloons that didnít even float. But this one was different. The Fanta Flesh texture added for some realism, and the attention to detail was exquisite, from the molded face all the way down to her painted toenails. She even had complete accessories as the secret agent female fatale, and from the hardness of Robís cock, she sure was infiltrating him good. Looking at the doll reminded Rob of Lara Croft, from the Tomb Raider game series that he loved to play when he was younger, and he decided to call her Lara. Admittedly, Rob had a huge crush on the cyber babe.

Rob ran his fingers across the dollís body, letting his imagination run wild of capturing a female infiltration agent that he now had lying down and helpless. He closed his eyes, and explored with his fingers, discovering her face, tracing every inch of her cheeks, her lips, all the way down to her perky breast that was hidden by her black bra. He turned on the vibrator that he had inserted inside her ass, simulating the movement of a captive squirming, as Rob ran his fingers all the way down, to her pussy between her legs. His imagination, plus the feel and texture and the slight throbbing of the doll added some realistic touch to his horny night, and Rob was getting harder.

How to Care For Your Sex Dolls

Depending on the material that your real doll is made of, you still have to take care of your blow up love dolls so that you can look forward to more hours of pleasure-and on the more practical side, to avoid wasting money.

Be sure not to overinflate your doll. After blowing up your real doll allow her or him to rest for about ten minutes so that the air is evenly distributed before you fully pump the doll up. If you find punctures, repair them immediately and be sure to follow instructions on the repair kit. Be sure to clean your doll before you store it so that you can avoid bacterial infections and to keep it in good condition. Be sure to store them in a clean and dry place and away from sharp objects so that you do not risk your mate to be injured in one way or another.

She was dry, not surprising since she had just been captured and afraid of what was to come. So rob poured some generous lube on her pussy, fingering her slow and wide. The sensation was so real, like real flesh, and Rob let his imagination run wild with him, finger fucking Lara while grabbing her breast. They felt smooth under his palms, and he squeezed them softly, just like how he fantasied doing it to Lara Croft. Rob was getting hornier now, and he would love to reverse the table, and do the infiltrating on his captive Agent 69.

Rob lubed his cock good, just to be sure, and positioned himself over Lara. Lara was tight, as Rob pushed his cock slowly on her small vagina that he had just finger fucked. He slid his cock onward and deeper, letting his fantasies guide him and the sensation was sweet, tight, and pleasurable, the feeling of Fanta Flesh against her cock that made Rob pump it even deep down. Ahh, Lara Lara LaraÖ as Rob began pumping his cock in and out of Laraís pussy, grabbing her breast to keep her still, pounding her captive pussy nice and tight.

Rob leaned over Lara, and kept on pumping as if she was a real woman, letting his naughty and kinky fantasy of the gun totting Lara Croft finally within his control, helpless under the massive shots of his cock within her tight pussy. But she was his captive, so Rob paced his pump, letting Lara taste every inch of his cock as Rob savored the sensation of pussy flesh and lips welcoming his cock with every thrust.

He always had anal fantasies of doing Lara Croft, so Rob turned Lara over, lubed his finger and inserted it on her tight ass. Rob was going in character as the bad boss who had finally defeated Lara, and so he got his cock in position, and started easing his cock on Laraís ass. Her backdoor felt tight, and felt real, so Rob was getting more aroused, more turned on, his cock harder as he found it slipping in and out of Laraís ass.

The sensation was so good, and not wanting to miss any moment of it, Rob immersed himself in his fantasies, fucking and banging helpless Agent 69 Lara, not stopping until finally he felt his cock stiffen and kept on pumping until he could no longer kept it inside and he gave Lara his ultimate gift, shooting and spilling his cock juice deep inside her, keeping it pumping until her tight ass milked every drop of his precious cum.

Surprisingly, Rob didnít feel ashamed at fucking a love doll. For one, it felt better than being alone, or just using his hands to jack himself off. Rob smiled, knowing that on lonely nights on the road such as this one, he would always have a captive secret agent willing to be infiltrated by his cock.

(Because we guys deserve a kinky and naughty secret, and nothing more thrilling and naughty fun than having your own secret sex toy ready and willing to get you cumming and shooting in lifelike sensations like with an inflatable love doll. Definitely better than just using your bare hands! Get your secret always with you, and you can buy online for love dolls, sex toys and other sex essentials to explore new horizons of pleasure, made available here for you by Thatís Naughty Australia.)

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