Round and Round They Go, Here Are Anal Beads For The Naughty You!

If having bling for your booty is sexy, you can easily be turned on as you try it. When heightened sensations were mentioned, you have to believe it for yourself. Now you can bring your wildest fantasies to reality with these super fun anal beads, defining your speed and rhythm the way you want it.

They go round and round, are soft to the touch like jelly to play with, and if you can’t resist, then you can definitely see them in the most intimate parts during the most pleasurable moments. Oh yes, you will be surprised at the heightened sensations you can have from anal beads that come in almost all shapes and sizes, for the mate that has discriminating tastes and even for any time of the day.

More about anal beads

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads can be inserted continually through the anus and then removed with varying speed depending on the desired effect you wish to achieve. The best time though is through orgasm to enhance the climax and sensations. That’s Naughty shoppers who have used it before highly enjoy the experiences they feel as the beads pass through the anus. It is now your chance to be adventurous! If you want to add a little spice to your special playtime, you can do so with anal beads and other anal toys available right here.

There are many anal beads to choose from, depending on the material you want to experiment with. Don’t be shy, you can compare and purchase with full security and have fun for hours with premium anal beads to bring those sexy fantasies to life!

That’s Naughty makes it convenient for you to choose and shop online for your anal beads and other toys that can capture your interest. With affordable rates and an easy Paypal option, you can be confident of getting only the best value for your money when it comes to your private moments in the bedroom.

Holly Ass II: Beads of Pleasure

(This is the second story of Holly’s adventure discovery of anal pleasures. Check out her first time experience with Anal Plugs, who knows, you might just find a perfect piece for your own anal pleasure fantasies. Enjoy!)

Getting James back in her life (and soon in her bed!) was not as difficult as Holly thought it would be. For one, James was apologetic about the whole “finger in her ass” accident and promised that he would never break Holly’s trust again. Holly found his apology sweet, and it was sincere, and to cut things short, they started seeing each other again.

But little did James know that one of the reasons Holly wanted him back, aside from him being a very sweet guy, was because of that same incident that led Holly to explore and discover anal pleasures. And since her first experience was so good, thanks to James’ “blunder”, Holly decided that it was only fair to let James in on the fun! Holly had a change of view when it cames to anal pleasures, and though getting a cock inside her backdoor was still a no-no, she wanted to set the next discovery on the way. And so in preparation for their next lovemaking session, as well as her “Welcome back” surprise for James, Holly browsed through That’s Naughty Australia site and got herself a sex toy to get her anal pleasure experience rolling. Holly bought the California Exotic Colt Power Drill Balls 10.75`` Anal Cord. This night would be there first time sleeping together since they patched things up, and Holly wanted to welcome James in the right and tight way.

Just right after getting through his apartment door, James’ hands was all over Holly, tracing her curves and her mounds as his mouth was all over her neck, soft kisses and sensual licks charged with a sexual intensity that promised a night to remember. Holly helped James strip her off, and soon his mouth was on her breast, licking and sucking her already aroused and stiff nipples that with each lick Holly felt her pussy moisten. They got themselves in bed, just in time as Holly was only wearing her g-string by then, and after laying her down gently in bed, James slid the g-string off her and began kissing her thighs, making Holly spread her legs wide, his kisses trailing a path to her naked pussy and her very aroused clit.

God I miss this…was all Holly could think as James gave her clit a licking just as she wanted it. Her juices started flowing even more under the onslaught of James careful attention and slick tongue actions on her pussy lips and all over her clit. While licking her all the way down, Holly wished James would go lick even further or stroke her ass like he used to, but it seems he had learned his lesson about Holly’s ass being a no access zone. The knowledge only made Holly even more aroused, and so she decided to give James a naughty surprise.

Touch me down there James. The words were soft like moan, and made James give even more kisses and finger strokes to her wet pussy. But James still didn’t go lower, so Holly decided to be even more direct.

Touch my ass James.

Holly felt James tongue slowed to a stop as their eyes met, a look of amazement and curiosity, as if he wasn’t sure if he heard her right. Holly gave James a naughty smile as she licked her lips which sent a naughty grin in James own face. Holly folded her legs closer to her, positioning her ass upright, her anus and pussy all spread for James to see. James, ever the sweet guy, slowly licked her clit, tracing it down to her pussy lips, and sent the tip of his tongue to flick and twitch on Holly’s tight backdoor. The sensation was so arousing as James hot and wet tongue flicked softly on her almost virgin ass. James took his time, slowly exploring, and Holly took advantage of James’ full attention on her ass to take out the beads and the lubricant she brought with her in her purse, and decided to present James with another surprise in tonight’s welcome back fuck.

How Anal Beads Can Give Increased Sensations

You can ooh and aah as the beads slowly enter your anus, and you can have a very unique experience from what you are used to. Because That’s Naughty makes it a point to give you a wide array of choices, you can take your pick from a variety of sizes, especially if you prefer rubber, plastic, silicone and even glass. Even the pulsating anal beads can help bring you sensations that are absolutely new to you. With the help of a ring at the end, you can easily pull out the beads and to prevent them from being lodged in the anus. Even during insertion or removal, you can feel pressure and arousal, and some come with vibration options so that you can have higher levels of pleasure.

Once you have chosen your anal beads for your kinky time, you can also purchase a lubricant to go with it to avoid ripping or injuring the rectum. Your anal toys should be carefully washed with soap and water before and after use so that you can be assured of safety and hygiene every time you plan to use them. It is also recommended to be used with a condom so that no infection could take place. Count the beads to also make sure that none are stuck in the anus which could cause difficulty later on.

Holly stroked the beads on James’ head, getting his attention, and upon seeing the beads and the lubricant, Holly saw the glint of erotic thrill in James’ eyes. James licked his lips as lubed the beads, and Holly braced herself as the first bead slowly found its way in, moaning in delight. Their gaze met, and all Holly could do was nod and James slid the next bead in, eliciting another moan of approval. The sensation was so unlike her anal plug experience as the erotic pressure began to build up inside her ass. Holly would moan with every bead that went in, each moan getting longer and lustful and finally, she felt the last bead get inside her ass, a sensation that was so arousing and exciting. Holly flexed her anal muscles tight, enjoying the new sensation of the beads in her ass. James tugged at the ring and twirled it slowly, increasing the pleasure, and Holly felt her orgasm take one full step closer.

Fuck me with your cock James. And James obliged, rubbing his cock against her very wet pussy, sliding it on her clit before guiding the head in between her pussy lips that clamped tight on James’ cock. She was so aroused and wet that James found it easy to slide his cock in, inch by inch until his cock was deep inside Holly’s pussy.

Fuck my pussy and show me how you missed it.

James gave her a naughty smile and started pounding Holly, the sensation of his cock filling her pussy and the sensation of the anal beads in her ass making her even more aroused, her pussy walls coated with her love juices. James started playing and running his finger on Holly’s clit with every pump, and the added sensation sent Holly erotic shivers throughout her body. She knew her orgasm was just right on the edge, and Holly moved her hips, meeting each of James’ deep thrust in her pussy, the pressure in her pussy and her ass building with every delicious filled-up sensation. Holly took deep breaths and basked in the pleasure that she was getting, her pussy drench wet with her juices and pumped harder and deeper by James’ cock, of her clit so aroused, tender and sensitive to the flicks and strokes from James fingers, of her ass, filled tight and sweet by her anal beads. Holly wanted to savor it longer, but her orgasm was nearly over her, and so she moaned that she was nearly cumming as James kept on pumping until he felt Holly’s pussy contract and squeeze on his cock, the impending orgasm just moments away and James gave Holly’s pussy a good, deep and hard thrust, and reached down to hold the anal beads ring and pulled it slowly out just as Holly’s orgasm creamed and coated his cock, basking in the prolonged sensations of Holly’s pussy flexing and squeezing his cock as he pulled each of the anal beads out.

Holly was dazed and delirious with her orgasm that was unlike any before, taking deep and long breaths of air that was literally fucked out of her lungs. She could not believe it could have been this good, but it was, and she turned towards James to give him a kiss. James took the kiss long and deep, their tongues playing like swords, and upon breaking contact Holly heard the words that sent her a kinky and very naughty thrill.

I want your ass Holly.

To which Holly just gave a very naughty smile in response to James’ words, as she slowly licked her lips.

(because the world of anal pleasures are just there, waiting for you to explore and discover, and you can start your anal pleasure journey going even hotter, deeper, and tighter for a more pleasurable experience with anal beads and other sex toys you can buy online here at That’s Naughty Australia.)

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