FAQ for fake vaginas

It may not be real, but don’t underestimate the pleasure sensations that fake vaginas can give you. But to get the most out of your realistic toy vagina, you have to the basic but essential steps on how to use a fake vagina for maximum pleasure

There are many easy to use fake vaginas available online, and That’s Naughty Australia offers you its collection of fake vagina, rubber vagina, silicone vagina, all the realistic vagina toy you can ever want to discover a new kind of experience in your next masturbation experience.

Australia how to fake vaginas

Randy spent the last few days hanging out with his friends, since he was going to be on a tour of duty. And out there in a foreign country, where danger is always present, the comfort of a woman is rare, and even the locals can be feisty about sleeping with the enemy. It was nothing new for Randy, along with his equipment he always had his personal gun, and his hands knew just how to keep his cock well maintained on those long and lonely nights far away from home without a warm woman in sight. On his last going away party, Shelley came up to him, grabbed his cock, and told him that she knew it was going to be a long time before they would see each other again, and she wanted to give him something to look forward to.

Just have to ask, have you tried a fake realistic vagina before? Shelley asked him.

Fake what!? And realistic?! Randy was amused, and curious.

Something to look forward later then, lover boy. Something to help you get by Shelley told him with a wink as she gave Randy’s cock one more squeeze before she joined the other guests.

Later after the party and back in his apartment waiting for Shelley to come by, Randy’s curiosity was still locked on her curious question. He was about to search the net, as it was his habit to always be prepared, but just as he was about to turn his laptop on the doorbell rang, and as expected, there was Shelley, holding a flashlight.

The two did not waste any time, hands mouth and lips all over each other and soon they were both naked. Shelley loved to suck cock, and Randy got a good view while Shelley went down on him, and Randy savoured each sucking motion of Shelley’s mouth on his cock. Shelley got him hard alright, and then she stopped and pushed him in bed. She reached out for the flashlight, and asked him to close his eyes. Shelley had that look on her face that Randy knew she was up to something naughty, and he obliged, lay down and closed his eyes.

He felt Shelley on top of him, and as expected he felt her tight pussy going down his cock. Shelley was tight, and wet…and whoa, her pussy felt different. Randy opened his eyes and saw that it was not Shelley’s pussy that gripped his cock but the flashlight! He was confused, but seeing Shelley work the flashlight up and down, and feeling incredible tight sensations as if he was banging a realistic fake vagina was turning Randy on.

Do you like your surprise? Shelley asked Randy.

Randy could only nod as Shelley went through the ropes of telling him about her naughty surprise for Randy. She showed him how to use a fake vagina, and boy was the sensations great. She explained how simple and easy to use fake vagina was, and though Randy was listening, the powerful sensations from the inside textures of the vagina sex toy was turning him on and even harder. And it must also be turning Shelley on too,, as Randy could see that her pussy was dripping wet, and he was eager to have a taste of it.

Shelley was so engrossed in her use of the fake vagina, and Randy could not help feeling so aroused. The sensations were exquisite, the realistic fake vagina felt so real, and the textures inside was giving Randy’s cock a stimulating and arousing rollercoaster ride. Randy had savoured Shelley pumping his cock with her hands, but this was different, and when Shelley got his hands and guided it to the vagina sex toy, Randy tried giving it some pumps and it was a masturbation of another level. Randy explored the easy to use fake vagina as Shelley started rubbing herself, going faster as Randy was getting better on how to use a fake vagina. The two were in concert, Randy using a fake vagina while Shelley played with her own, and soon Randy could not help but signal that he was coming, just as Shelley also replied that she was also near and both moaned as they both masturbated in front of each other.

I hope you like it Randy. It’s way better than just you plain old hands stroking your cock, don’t you think? Shelley asked Randy while she lay down beside him.

For Randy, the sensations was definitely worth exploring more, and this easy to use fake vagina was going to be put to good use, he was sure of that. Randy was still breathless after experiencing what the sex toy vagina just gave him, and so he just nodded.

That may be keeping you company pretty soon, but for now, my vagina wants your cock Randy. Shelley told Randy as she reached out to grab his cock.

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