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We Vibe 3

Just when you thought the number one selling vibrator for couples could not get any better, the We Vibe company introduced the We Vibe 3 couples vibrator. The We Vibe 3 couples vibrator is sure to pleasure both partners simultaneously using more vibration power than the We Vibe II couples vibrator, and easily controlled with a wireless remote control. Taking your sex life to heights you could only imagine, while never need to interrupt the pleasure to change the vibration setting.

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What is the We Vibe 3?

This couples vibrator will stimulate multiple spots on a woman. The We Vibe 3 will not only provide her with great pleasure, but it will also simultaneously pleasure her G-spot and clitoris. All this while leaving plenty of room for the man to engage in sexual intercourse with the woman. As the We Vibe 3 sends pleasure pulses throughout the woman’s pelvis, it allows her partner to join in the pleasure, by experiencing the pulsing vibrations, creating what the We Vibe company blissfully refers to as harmonic throbbing.

One of the greatest features of the We Vibe 3 is that is can be easily controlled by a wireless remote. Being controlled by the wireless remote is most certainly one of the most popular features of the We Vibe 3. The remote allows you to change the vibration settings without having to stop and start sexual activity again and again. Imagine, no interruptions to the pleasure of both partners experience.

How does it work?

..positioning of the massage pads allows the woman’s G-spot and clitoris to be stimulated simultaneously..

The We Vibe 3 is made of two massaging pads. When the bottom massage pad is inserted into the woman’s vaginal opening, the curved body positions the top massage pad against her clitoris, and places the bottom massage pad against the woman’s G-spot. The positioning of the massage pads allows the woman’s G-spot and clitoris to be stimulated simultaneously by the We Vibe 3 vibrations, while still leaving room for her partner to enter her for sensuous love making.

Once turned on, the pulsing vibrations resonate throughout the woman’s pelvis. These vibrations occurring throughout her pelvis allowing her partner to experience the same erotic vibrations right along with her, creating the incredible sensation of harmonic throbbing.

How does the We Vibe 3 differ from the We Vibe II?

We Vibe 3 in use

The We Vibe II couples vibrator was such a great success, but the We Vibe company saw room for some improved features. First, let’s take a look at what features are the same between the two products before we take a look at the new, more advanced features of the We Vibe 3.

The We Vibe II and the We Vibe 3 couples vibrators share the same size, shape, flexibility, body safe materials, and general operation. The massage pad that is contact with the woman’s G-spot is 80x 28x18mm (3x 11x0.7"), and the massage pad that stimulates the woman’s clitoris is 80x29x21mm (3x1.1x0.8").

The products are both 100% body safe. They are made to be soft, flexible, and comfortable; while being 100% lead free, phthalate free, and medical grade silicone. Allowing these products to be safe for most anyone to use for sexual activity.

The We Vibe products are eco-friendly while remaining sexy. They have a long lasting rechargeable battery with a 5-7 year battery life. Eliminating the need to change batteries entirely. Most likely you will need to replace the remote before the battery in the toy itself dies, which you can easily do through the We Vibe company’s website.

It is easily cleaned with soap and water, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals. (Though it is safe to use a solution of 10% bleach and the rest water in order to sanitize the toy, which is recommended for use with multiple partners.) Plus, the packaging is fully recyclable, while coming from carbon-neutral manufacture and distribution centers.

They also feature two whisper quiet motors and the two in one storage case. The two in one case acts as a charger and a discreet case to conceal your toy and wireless remote. One single charge gives you up to two hours of playtime with your partner. Plus it has a short recharge period, after the first charge, the charge time drops down to 90 minutes. This is much faster than the 24-hour recharge period of the We Vibe II.

.. features a wireless handheld remote control ..

The We Vibe 3 simply has some additional, special features that the We Vibe II does not have. First, it uses a wireless, handheld remote control. It will operate with in a 3-meter (10 foot) range. This feature allows you to change the vibration settings of the vibrator without having to interrupt your sexual activity. Now that you have the option to control your vibrator manually, by the button located on the top pad of the vibrator (the one stimulating the woman’s clitoris), or by using the remote, what can you change with it?

You can choose from 1 of 6 sensational vibration settings:

1. Low 3000 rpm VIBE – continuous low vibration
2. High 5500 rpm VIBE – continuous high vibration
3. The Wave We vibe 3 vibration wave – smoothly transitions between low and high vibrations in a wave pattern
4. The Cha Cha We vibe 3 vibration chacha – two long, high, pulsing vibrations followed by three short, high, pulsing vibrations
5. The pulse We vibe 3 vibration pulse – pulsing high vibrations
6. The Tease We vibe 3 vibration tease – four long high pulsing vibrations, followed by 2 low pulsing vibrations

The best part about these vibrations is that they are 40% more powerful than that of the We Vibe II. This additional 40% more vibration power, is sure to provide both partners with more pleasure than either has experienced before, allowing experimenting to be even more exciting and stimulating.

The We Vibe 3 remote

The We Vibe 3 also has a wireless charger that can double as a case. It is small, discreet, and compact, so it would even be perfect for travelling. The metallic, futurist looking case beautifully masks the contents of the package. Plus the wireless charger eliminates the need to change batteries, or deal with tangled wires.

This vibrator is also completely waterproof, making it ideal for water-based lubrications. In addition to water-based lubricants, it is also safe to use in the shower or to be submerged in a bathtub. Making sexual experimentation with your partner more arousing and sensuous.

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Who is this product good for?

The We Vibe 3 is perfect for couples engaging in heterosexual intercourse. The positioning of the massaging pads to the clitoris and G-spot will provide a woman stimulation and pleasure, but the added girth and pressure during heterosexual intercourse provide added pleasure. As the pleasure pulses surging throughout the female’s pelvis, it is allows her male partner to experience the same pleasuring sensations during sexual intercourse, or harmonic throbbing.

.. with the whisper quiet motors, no one, other than her partner, will ever know the pleasuring vibrations she experiences ..

This is could also be great for couples that want a discreet foreplay toy. The woman can simply slide the We Vibe 3 into position, slip on a skirt, and be out the door. Since the toy can be operated by a wireless remote control, her partner can control the vibrator while they are out in public, and with the whisper quiet motors, no one, other than her partner, will ever know the pleasuring vibrations she experiences.

The We Vibe 3 can be used solo and reports online vary about its effectiveness in this role. Some users claim to prefer a more regular vibrator, a rabbit vibrator probably works better for solo vaginal and clitoral stimulation and others prefer a simple dildo. However there are reports of users being satisfied with the We Vibe 3, mainly because of its excellent vibrating options.

What is the Reaction to the We Vibe 3?

When scouring the Internet to see what a variety of couples had to say about their experience with the We Vibe 3 couples vibrator, the first comment is always about the convenience of the wireless remote. Now that couples can change the vibration settings with out having to press a button on the top massaging pad (which on the We Vibe II became slippery when it became wet), the experience of not having to stop and start their sexual activity again, added to the pleasure of the experience. Plus it allowed many users the ability to have more fun with experimentation.

The We Vibe 3 case

The next topic women love to talk about is the packaging. It arrives in oval-shaped box that stores the charger, the We Vibe 3, the instructions, and the charging case. In order to house all of these items, the box is a good bit larger than the toy itself. However, when the charging base is out of the box, and in use, the lid that slides over the base helps keep the toy discreet. Even when charging, the charging lid keep sit discreet with the use of one single LED light to signal when the toy and/or remote is charging. Unfortunately, if the box were to be knocked over, the lid does not keep the toy and remote inside. One of the most commonly pointed out disappointments, is actually quite minor the We Vibe 3 does not come with the same storage bag that the We Vibe II came with.

When the We Vibe 3 is properly in place, it will add more girth to the G-spot along with pressure and vibrations during sexual intercourse. This feeling along with the sensational vibrating stimulation on the clitoris has been making many couples smile. If you perform a Google search for We Vibe 3 reviews, you can read about numerous couples telling you why the We Vibe 3 is the vibrator they have purchased. As well as a large number of women talking about how the toy stays in place during sexual activity, even when lubricants are used. Many people claim it is the best vibrator they have ever owned and how it has turned their sex life and habits upside down.

You can also find recommendations such as, be sure to use lubrication when using the toy. Many women complain of uncomfortable friction from the latex when the massage pads are not properly lubricated. Water based lubricants are the number one recommended for the best results. There are also number suggestions regarding positioning and articles of clothing the toy works best with, and does not work well with. The remote is said not to operate the toy well through any article of clothing thicker than a pair of panties, or skirt.

Overall, the response to the We Vibe 3’s more advanced features has been extremely positive. Having 40% more power may not seem like a big difference, but you can see for yourself, the additional power adds more pleasure to the experience of both partners. Remember, it is okay to experiment, water based lubrications are safe to use, as well as shower play and bathtub play are safe. All this hands free sensation with the luxury of a wireless remote to control it, could there be any additional features you need from a couples vibrator? For now, the We Vibe 3 has it all. Spice up your sex life today!

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